The Best Apps For Lawyers In 2021

5. Fastcase 


Fastcase is an app that is simply indispensable for any productive lawyer on the go. Aside from being the worlds most extensive free mobile law library, the app can also integrate to many legal platforms, this allows users to make entries, deal with matters, and track time all while being outside of the office.


4. Evernote


For almost a decade now, Evernote has been the go to app for professionals on the go when it comes to taking notes. Whether they are typed, spoken, or physically written. You can trust Evernote will keep your note secure, and offer plenty of easy categorization options so you can find your notes later with ease. 

Evernote does more than just saving and organizing all of your notes, Evernote integrates with your phone camera, Iphone or Android. Capture any sort of image or document and save it to your device directly from the app. Rotate it or crop it if needed to the dimensions required. Documents and notes can also be shared from mobile devices. 


3. Dropbox


Even though we have Dropbox listed at number 3 in our list, we are aware that it is possibly the most crucial app for any lawyer to have on their phone in 2021. Not only can you store, read, and easily organize and share documents on the go, but the app comes with cloud storage and is free of charge. 

The most important advantage to having Dropbox is its versatility when it comes to receiving documents. From JPEGs to Zip files, Dropbox will have no problem converting documents to any file you need and sharing them directly from your phone. 


2. GoodReader


Until the situation arises, you won’t realize how essential having GoodReader on your phone is. Any lawyer outside of the office needs this app. Yes it makes documents of all types super easy to download and read. More importantly, this app allows you to download and edit PDFs on the go. 


1. SignMyPad


Simple, but an important app that is often forgot about.

Upload your documents to any mobile device, sign, and send or download.