Managing customer relationships is a challenge for every business, regardless of industry or sector. Client relationships are especially important for law firms, whose livelihoods are on the line if they fail to do so. Many lawyers are turning to Salesforce when looking for a CRM for law firms.

It is easy to lose track of important information among mountains of paperwork in a legal clinic or law firm. Coordinating follow-ups and communications with clients also requires a lot of effort. In fact, 26% of law firms hate keeping track of their prospects.

It takes a lot of time and money to maintain good relations with clients. Using a law firm’s CRM can be a big help here.

With Matterly Legal CRM, case management and client relationships can be a lot better and deal with a lot of paper documents.

There are many advantages to using Matterly as a CRM for law firms. This article will help you understand our values, benefits, and how we can help you boost your legal business productivity. Let’s begin!

CRM For Law Firms

Customers’ connections and interactions may be effectively managed with a CRM for your law firm (customer relationship management) solution or software.

A CRM system lets you do all of your business’s most important things automatically, like store customer information, manage employees, and keep an eye on your company’s progress.

Due to the massive amounts of data, they deal with every day, it is vital for a legal firm to invest in a platform that can hold all of the data for each practice area, covering every facet of company growth.

Why Is Matterly CRM Software Essential for Every Law Firm?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has a single objective: to help your business run more smoothly and foster closer ties with your customers. In fact, more than 84% of law firms that used legal technology said that they had more time to do other things.

In both small and big legal firms, the use of CRM software is essential.

Client intake, contact information, invoice data, previous interactions, and emails are just some of the documentations that law firms are responsible for managing.

Even if you manage a small business, your employees may still find it difficult to keep track of everything.

Every lawyer needs to keep track of client contacts, organize teamwork, communicate effectively and quickly with clients, and use technology to be more efficient.

You will need many different software to deal with them. However, there is one better solution that handles all of them in one place. Matterly is a salesforce legal CRM that does exactly that.

All of your legal papers may be securely stored in the cloud on one single platform, making it easy to keep track of the work of your legal team.

Your present system may be working for your law practice. However, what about the long-term? ” Your clientele expands in tandem with the success of your law company. In this article, we’ll go over a few advantages of legal CRM software.

As a contact management tool that’s officially worked with Salesforce, Matterly offers automation and other cool benefits for its users.

The Benefits You Get by Using Matterly

As a starting point, we’ll cover the most obvious ones.

Improve Your Relationships with Your Clients

You must keep your current customers happy while you also look for new ones, right?

To keep the paperwork from becoming burdensome or unpleasant, it’s vital to manage the client intake procedure. Automating your client intake process with legal CRM software may be done on a centralized dashboard.

You may also use a law firm CRM to keep your clients up to speed on any case developments and simply exchange legal documents with them.

Matterly legal CRM systems feature pre-defined templates and forms for managing these kinds of connections within the system.

Take Care of Your Employees Effectively

When working with a large group of individuals on a single project, it’s critical that everyone be on the same page.

It is possible to get a complete picture of your team’s activity by using a CRM application for law firms.

You’ll be able to manage your team’s workload, assign assignments based on practice area, and see how they perform.

The use of a legal CRM program may also help to prevent conflicts of interest among your attorneys’ schedules. Thanks to the appointment scheduling and built-in calendar, you don’t need to use any other app to book meetings with your team or clients.

Organize All Your Documents in One Place

Increasing numbers of legal firms are increasingly keeping their customers’ records digitally.

If your legal business is also trying to go paperless, having a portal where you can save all of your documents is essential.

A CRM for law firms will be able to store and arrange all information securely, notwithstanding the time and resources required to digitize records.

You’ll also save a lot of time and money by using legal CRM.

Analyze Your Law Firm’s Overall Performance

Additionally, you can track a legal firm’s business performance by using a CRM.

With the help of legal CRM software, you can keep updated on your firm’s progress in all aspects of customer care and relationship management.

You will know:

  • How many people have used your law firm’s services?
  • Which cases were settled? and..
  • Which sources or channels are most effective at getting new clients?

All of this data may assist you in figuring out how to make your case management process better.

In order to make the findings of these studies clearer, the best CRM systems will show you charts and graphs.

Instead of spending time manually monitoring and evaluating company performance, you can use this time to design a business growth strategy.

How to Choose the Right CRM For Law Firms?

Choosing the right CRM system for your legal practice isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

It’s very important that you choose a legal CRM that fits your firm’s budget and legal and business needs.

The correct CRM platform for your legal practice will improve your company’s value and simplify operations. Technology is a bad investment if it doesn’t make it easier to run your legal firm.

Investing in client relationship management CRM is all about achieving your business goals, not just its capabilities.

Is your primary goal in implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system to generate new business or to streamline the way you currently do things?

Is your CRM mostly a repository for confidential records, or are you hoping to use it to better customer service, manage income, and improve company operations?

It’s easy to narrow down a CRM software if you know what your company’s objectives are.

The following are some more things to keep in mind:

#1 Mind Your Budget!

A law firm’s CRM system is designed to help your company become more efficient while also increasing profitability. If you’re a tiny business, you can’t afford to invest in a costly CRM.

There must be a suitable price point for the CRM system. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

That’s why our team at Matterly can design you a custom quote that suits your budget, company sizes, and purposes. You can request to book a FREE demo here.

#2 The Reputation of The Vendor

The vendor and you will have a long-term connection.

Take a look at their earlier testimonies and evaluations on the internet. The pain spots should be identified and checked to see whether they have been addressed.

The customer service and engagement levels might also be a factor in your decision.

#3 Integration

The ability of flexible integration is important, even if it seems to be more of a basic feature. It is more vulnerable to security breaches and problems if your law firm’s CRM asks you to establish bespoke connectors.

Thanks to the integration of various automation modules in Matterly, you don’t have to switch between a slew of different apps to keep track of your legal business’ performance.

#3 Efficient Time and Billing Management

Great billing habits aren’t simple to develop. Fortunately, timekeeping applications, a sort of law office software, may make this laborious process a little easier.

Projects may be organized by customer and time spent tracking them using a timekeeping application. Mobile applications are among the most popular options today, allowing busy attorneys on the move to operate their stopwatches from their phones or tablets.

A wide range of timekeeping and billing options are available in the legal software market to meet the demands of all sorts of law firms. The following are some of our favorites:

#4 Reliable Document Management

There will be a plethora of supporting papers and files for every case you take on. Long-term storage of such private information on your computer’s hard disk is not suggested. In the case of a cybersecurity crisis, such as a data breach, these papers might be at risk.

These documents may be safely stored in a digital vault with the help of a legal document management application. Google Drive, for example, has a free tier and a paid tier that lets you add more storage space.

NetDocuments and Worldox are two more effective and reliable solutions that are popular in the legal profession. Legal teams can view and collaborate on documents from any location thanks to cloud-based technologies like these. However, Matterly has similar feature, if not better (cause it is pre-built inside the CRM)

#5 Online Payments Support

In the most recent Consumer Payment Choice Survey, 60% of bills were paid online or automatically.

Using an online payment processing service helps you meet the needs of your customers while doing it safely. Instead of having to send a paper check or only being able to pay in person, your customers may pay their bills with a credit card, debit card, or even an eCheck from their computer or mobile device.

The use of encryption is used to make sure that sensitive data is safe when it is sent between financial organizations.

It’s also convenient to work with a third-party online payment processor, which verifies all payment information promptly. An invalid credit or debit card number will result in an instant notification to the cardholder.

Besides Matterly, a good option for legal business than a generic payment platform would be LawPay, an online payment network specifically built for lawyers. LawPay was designed with attorneys in mind, which means your trust account is safe against unauthorized debits and the mixing of earned and unearned income.

All credit card, debit card, and eCheck transactions made with this payment method will meet the rules of the ABA and IOLTA.

#6 Productivity

One of the most extensively used computer applications in the world, productivity tools are an important element in any list of vital software solutions for law firms.

The Microsoft Office Suite is the most well-known and oldest of these products, and it includes word processors, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Google’s G Suite, for example, is a cloud-based service that allows teams of creatives to work on projects simultaneously from different computers. The best part is that G Suite is completely free.

#7 Document Conversion

Even in your day-to-day practice, you may come across paper documents. Some of your customers may have important papers that were not generated in digital form prior to the introduction of personal computers.

With an integrated PDF converter inside Matterly Salesforce legal CRM for law firms, you may scan physical copies of documents to create an electronic version that can be sent by email or stored in the cloud.

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows it to be searched much like a word processing document does.

Adobe’s PDF conversion software, has been the industry standard for more than two decades now.

For standalone software, Icecream PDF Converter may be a good option for legal firms on a budget searching for a robust PDF conversion solution than the current edition of Adobe Acrobat. It may be used for free, with a one-time fee to unlock the full version’s capabilities.

What Is The Best CRM For Law Firms?

A perfect legal business CRM should combine all of your legal service responsibilities into a single system.

Cloud storage, working with legal assistants and clients, and keeping an eye on your contacts for new information are just a few of the ways you can work together.

Legal CRM shopping does not have to be difficult. If you know exactly what features you’re looking for, you can quickly narrow down the list of possibilities shown above.

For every law practice, Matterly is the best Salesforce legal CRM for law firms.

There are several benefits to using a service like this, such as improving team communication and ensuring that your customers get timely information. With a requested demo, you get FREE access to a all essential features you can try comfortably.

Compared to most other programs, upgrading to get access to more complex automation features isn’t very pricey at all.

Reach out to us and we’ll set up a demo for you to learn more about how Matterly may be customized to meet your business requirements.