Lawyers and attorneys of the 21st century should have a business mindset while also being receptive to new technology in the legal field. These days, being a skilled lawyer doesn’t cut it; lawyers also need to be effective communicators and marketers. Salesforce for law firms is essential for attorneys in certain legal fields.

Salesforce for law firms helps today’s legal professionals in many ways. It is essential to the automation of legal processes.

Customers of Salesforce and its suppliers may overcome some of the primary problems of CRM and software adoption by integrating sales and legal activities into a single platform.

In this post, we’ll try to cover all the benefits of Salesforce for law firms’ CRMs, like Matterly compared to other law firm CRMs you find on the market. Enjoy reading!

What Is Salesforce For Law Firms? Does Your Law Firm Need A CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It analyzes customer communication data in order to develop strategic alliances. Salesforce CRM helps legal firms keep in touch with potential clients by encouraging them to engage in conversation.

By automating data processing and reporting and streamlining their marketing operations, they are able to make more money.

We expect that by adopting the Salesforce mobile app, law companies will be able to transform how they connect with their customers.

When attorneys and lawyers are in the office or at home, Salesforce for law firms legal CRMs gives them access to all of their reports and related issues, allowing them to meet essential corporate networks and generate more meaningful connections.

Legal companies benefit from Salesforce CRM in two ways:

  • First, by gaining a better understanding of their clients across a single platform;
  • Second, helps in strategic decision-making by utilizing accurate data and statistics.

For legal firms, Salesforce CRM reduces the amount of paperwork that has to be sent between their clients and the jury. Managing large amounts of sensitive material is quite difficult, so it provides a variety of user-friendly solutions for monitoring documents.

Salesforce For Law Firms

When all of the paperwork has been organized and put on a database server, it will be much easier for employees to find the information they need.

With the help of the Salesforce CRM system, law firms may learn so much about their customers that they can provide counsel that is specifically tailored to their needs. Custom Salesforce CRM software is used by a number of law firms to provide better and more repeatable services to their clients.

Why Should You Use Salesforce CRM?

Since the nature of legal services necessitates specialized knowledge and language skills, law firms want a CRM supplier that is conversant in these areas to meet their unique needs.

In its most recent worldwide semiannual software tracker, International Data Corporation (IDC) named Salesforce the number one CRM provider.

Benefits of Matterly’s Salesforce CRM for Lawyers and Attorneys

In the legal business, Salesforce CRM like Matterly meets all of the requirements. Salesforce has become a one-stop shop for the entire client lifecycle in hundreds of businesses.And here’s some evidence to back it up.

#1 Easier Data Cross-Checks

It is easy to overlook key information and linkages between data silos while working across many platforms. Salesforce stores all of a customer’s interactions with the company in one location.

It enables lawyers and other staff members to:

  • Predict cross-practice collaborations by looking at the practice areas your customers have already worked with.
  • Look at how well a client gets along with the firm’s attorneys and lawyers.
  • Finding the most lucrative ways to generate leads is essential.
  • Monitor the progress of matter tasks, documents linked to them, and due dates via matter dashboards.
  • Set deadlines and give tasks to lawyers, paralegals, and other staff members.

You can increase workflow efficiency by learning from the client’s previous interactions with the company. This makes it easier for lawyers to go into client meetings with the most up-to-date information possible.

#2 Integration with Third-Party Applications

Third-party programs and systems, such as spreadsheets and notebooks, may all be linked together using Salesforce. Importing data related to outstanding issues into Salesforce is a time-saving feature.

Additionally, by combining the data, your company may have a deeper knowledge of each client’s account, which in turn allows lawyers to make better business choices.

#3 Develop Marketing Strategies for a Specific Audience

Salesforce CRM data and Salesforce’s marketing tools may be used to deliver targeted messages based on your data. When you know how a customer interacts with your company, you may do the following:

  • Create a seamless brand experience for your law firm’s clients at all points of contact.
  • Maintain contact with your customers via any device and channel.
  • Create effective marketing strategies to attract new customers.
  • Stay in contact with your customers throughout the customer lifecycle, from awareness through retention.

Marketing and legal workflow automation ensure that customers get the message they need at the correct moment. With this method, you strengthen your client engagement and build their commitment to your law firm brand.

#4 Salesforce Can Provide A Wide Range Of Products

Because of this, Salesforce has built a strong marketplace of third-party applications that link directly to the Salesforce application’s fundamental functionality. In the Sales Cloud, you can keep track of relationships and link your business development teams to your company.

Using the Marketing Cloud with Pardot allows you to define, discipline, and automate a long-term marketing strategy.

On the Salesforce AppExchange, you can find a lot of different apps, such as card scanners, telephonic connectors, and third-party email marketing systems like MailChimp.

#5 Customized Reports

Simply drag-and-drop critical KPIs into Salesforce reports, which can then be shared with colleagues and partners.

Custom reports allow you to examine the overall health of your law firm or legal department and make educated, data-driven choices to boost efficiency and profitability.

#6 Enterprise-Level Security

A very high level of security is required for legal CRM software. Salesforce’s data security and privacy features are among the best in the business.

Salesforce provides attorneys with the ability to securely store and collaborate with confidential information. Firms use Salesforce to safeguard their data from unlawful access by others.

A sophisticated technique known as TLS (Transport Layer Security) is used to ensure that your data is protected by authenticating the server and encrypting it using traditional encryption.

Additional security measures include the use of secure servers and a variety of authentication mechanisms. More than that, the methods of protection are always getting better to make sure that all legal and personal information given is completely safe.

Clio vs. Matterly

You have to consider the limits of Clio before purchasing this software if your practice depends on the merging of documents from case-management templates. The last time we tried to test Clio, we found out that because of how the software is built, we can’t use it to meet our needs.

Some attorneys depend extensively on document templates to get things done in a high-volume business. Some attorneys, in particular, obtain a lot of medical documents on behalf of clients who may visit as many as a dozen different doctors.

In the present version of Clio, it is difficult to efficiently produce these requests. As a result, you are limited to creating templates based only on “matter” fields.

It is not possible to construct templates based on “contact” data in this program. As a consequence, it is necessary to build a unique topic field and a unique template for each individual contact.

This method is more time-consuming than writing each letter one at a time. Instead of using merging templates, you’ll have to create a template and manually enter all of the required contact information. Not ideal when using Salesforce for law firms.

In our situation, we don’t only write to “clients”; we also write to “opposing lawyers,” “adjusters,” and other entities that aren’t so simple to identify with a specific subject name.

Clio seems to have no idea how to improve this. Nobody could ever teach us how to use document creation effeciently here to do what we wanted it to achieve. The demonstrations were all in vain.

On the other hand, Matterly has a lot more usable templates and is integrated nicely with DocuGen. You can generate the document you want with the up-to-date template collection and convert it as you need. 

Litify vs. Matterly

Litify is a Salesforce-based platform with a large number of custom objects. Integrating other goods has proven to be really difficult for me. However, when the developers attempt to combine Litify with Salesforce, things become complicated.

Matterly, on the other hand, makes it easy to integrate third-party applications. Customer service is quick to respond, and you can try the platform for free for 30 days with all of its premium features and integration options turned on.

Why Matterly Over Others?

#1 Helps to Keep Records

Sometimes, you may not be the sole lawyer working for a certain company. Often, numerous colleagues are needed to work on the same case at the same time. Even in the absence of recurrent data entry and duplicate notifications, a salesforce legal CRM system can manage this situation.

Salesforce For Law Firms

You’ll save time since your attorneys won’t have to figure out how to get in touch with the client or what information to save in the single repository. You will be able to keep track of all communications sent to your customers thanks to the CRM solution’s ability to deduplicate any data you provide.

#2 Improved Case and Contact Tracking

Lawyers are increasingly being contacted by potential clients over the internet. As a result, it is critical to simplify communication and reply immediately to all customer inquiries.

As a result, the correct salesforce CRM for law firms has become essential to offering outstanding customer assistance and fostering good client loyalty. You can build all of your relationships and communities in one place with the Salesforce for law firms legal CRMs.

As a legal CRM system, you may monitor all consumer interactions across a variety of channels and pay specific attention to the most critical instances.

#3 Effectiveness in a Marketing

Personalized emails may be sent to customers that have a link to your organization using Salesforce’s marketing technologies, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Understanding how customers interact with your business can help you achieve this. You can use this information to let customers know when it’s time to renew their subscriptions or to sell them other services.

Streamlining these marketing initiatives can guarantee that your customers get the appropriate message at the right time while also optimizing the way your firm interacts with them.

Campaign operations may be made much more efficient for your staff if you use a powerful salesforce legal CRM. As a result, you may be able to reach a greater number of potential customers in a shorter period of time.

#4 An Easy-To-Use Reporting System That Provides Advanced Analytics

If your data is conveniently available from any location, you may make educated decisions and utilize thorough reporting to get insights into your customers’ records.

Salesforce for law firms and their CRMs are the ideal software for legal firms since it allows you to combine data from many sources, produce reports, and understand the data with sophisticated analytics.

#5 Increases Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Your customers must be able to get in touch with you at any time of the day, and it is your duty to be as responsive as possible. Client happiness, interaction, and retention are critical to a positive review of your law practice.

Using Salesforce CRM software makes it easy to respond quickly to customer communications and store all of their information in one central location. In a world where you are limited to a spreadsheet of numbers, these strategies are basically ineffective.

#6 Streamlines the Process of Activity Scheduling

This is especially important when you meet a prospective customer, so be sure to follow up thoroughly. In order to stay in touch with him or her, you might use a salesforce legal CRM to set up reminders, timetables, and targets.

Consequently, you may verify the effectiveness of the follow-up by checking the client’s record online. When your business grows and can finally handle the growing number of tasks, you need custom salesforce services.

#7 A Lot of Templates

In addition to surveys, initiation forms, and partnership letters, Salesforce CRM report templates may be used to create them. A prototype will save you both time and effort by enabling you to quickly and simply prepare your report.

Auto-fill replies by merging each topic with the paper and quickly adding a draft, including a note of hearing. The Salesforce CRM software made it simple to do all of the things that needed to be completed.

#8 It Makes Invoicing Easier

Invoices and accounting documents are vital to keep track of. It helps you make the proper judgments. Data such as the number of users and their credit scores are tracked by the salesforce CRM system.

If you need help keeping track of your payment schedule, there are a variety of options available. You can transfer money, make payments, and more right from the app.

Final Thoughts

For legal firms, Salesforce CRM like Matterly reduces the amount of paperwork that has to be sent between their clients and the jury. Managing large amounts of sensitive material is quite difficult, so it provides a variety of user-friendly solutions for monitoring documents.

When all of the paperwork has been organized and put on a database server, it will be much easier for employees to find the information they need.

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