The world of customer service has gone digital. However, a growing number of clients are searching for a firm that will satisfy their case management and legal needs. That’s where salesforce legal CRMs come in. We’ve perfected the salesforce legal CRM for law firms. You won’t find any roadblocks.

According to recent studies, the number of people using social media to resolve problems has risen to as high as 65%. When social media was new, many businesses found this to be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

This was the first time firms had been publicly praised and criticized so that everyone could see it. These public networks have also become more popular for consumers to seek solutions to problems.

To combat this, some businesses have begun shifting their customer support activities to the internet. As seen by the data above, the majority of customers are now actively seeking customer assistance on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Because of this, customer care employees may find it challenging to keep up with social media and respond to customers in a timely and acceptable way on a daily basis because of the volume of contacts. This is when a case management system comes in handy.

What is Case Management Software?

Law firms and attorney may benefit from using electronic case management software, which helps them keep track of client contacts through social media and other digital channels, such as email and contact forms.

Case management software makes it possible for companies to gather and organize all of their client interactions into one central location, making it easier for them to keep track of each individual customer.

The majority of these customer support solutions are cloud-based, making them available right out of the box and ready to use right away. When agents enter into their accounts, they can see all of their open cases, arranged by priority, and take care of business from a single location.

salesforce legal crm

If a case is categorized, it is sent to the appropriate department or individual. This streamlines the process for the customer service representative and speeds up the time it takes to resolve their problem.

Businesses would benefit greatly from a speedy resolution of this kind. One study found that half the time, customer support representatives didn’t know the solution to a client’s query.

This kind of information is critical—if a firm does not provide acceptable customer service, then 50% of clients will go with one of the other businesses.

Benefits Of A Salesforce CRM

The greatest customer service software goes well beyond basic case management. However, rather than being a major feature, this should be seen as the very minimum when evaluating a cloud platform.

When selecting a cloud-based customer support platform, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Case Management

While case management software is critical, here are some key features to look for in a quality piece of software:

  • Automatically track and categorize consumer interactions across all channels.
  • High-priority cases may be identified with the addition of filters.
  • addition of features for simple communication between teams and the assignment of other teams or specialists as appropriate. • Notes can be inserted into cases for easy communication.
  • Customer fields that enable your company to create unique labels, such as purchases or customer IDs.


Users should be able to use flexible APIs to connect the platform to relevant apps and networks in real time and in both directions.

Self-service and information relevance

90% of consumers stated they would utilize an online knowledge base if it was accessible and suited to their requirements. A clear desire exists from consumers for corporations to give customers self-service portals, allowing them to respond to inquiries without further aid from corporate employees.

In-Depth Analysis

There should be extensive reporting and analysis provided by the solution. Predictive intelligence analytics provides you with the ability to transform your insights into action quicker than typical one-dimensional reports.

With a powerful analytics engine, you can link and analyze numerous data sources, allowing you to see your data and KPIs in new ways. This implies that you can anticipate your customers’ needs and adapt your services to meet those needs.

Future-Ready Platform

In order for a platform to be optimal, old technology should never be an issue. The host should be responsible for maintaining and adding new features and capabilities for the benefit of their consumers.

Businesses need a flexible system that can develop along with their needs and one that can help them forecast expenditures in the future.

Tools For Increasing Productivity

Automation, categorization, and the ability to update and close many cases in bulk are all features that should be included in a customer care platform.

Support For Mobile Devices

For both consumers and staff, a broad variety of devices must be supported. Mobile customer assistance and self-service alternatives for consumers on the move may now be handled around the clock thanks to this technology.

Why So Many Lawyers Are Switching To Salesforce Legal CRM?

#1 Cloud Environment

Increasingly, legal firms are relying on cloud computing services. According to almost every legal technology poll, this is the case. Anecdotally, the amazing rise NetDocuments has achieved, with a current market share of about 10% in the AmLaw 200, is a confirmation of this idea.

Cloud security is becoming a more popular topic of discussion across a wide range of jurisdictions. Both NetDocs and Salesforce revolve around the cloud, and legal firms are more receptive than ever to using cloud-based software.

#2 Program Agility

It’s imperative that lawyers have access to vital, real-time data in a consolidated, mobile-ready environment. Even while Sharepoint has been successfully used by many businesses in this convergence plan, there is a widespread belief that Sharepoint falls short of providing the strong mobility that increasingly mobile lawyers need.

Legal firms may quickly and easily integrate Salesforce with their existing systems and data via the use of powerful developer tools and open APIs. Several legal providers (such as Intapp) and full-fledged Salesforce applications on the Salesforce app exchange have been developed by several legal providers to make integration even simpler (e.g., NetDocs, TR ContactNet).

SharePoint may be made more mobile and agile using Salesforce Files Connect. Salesforce also includes a decent customer relationship management (CRM) system.

#3 Never-Ending Innovation

The debut of Salesforce Lightning Experience is perhaps the most important move that will drastically enhance adoption inside law firms. The Winter ’16 version includes a new user interface that improves and standardizes the appearance and feel of the platform across all platforms, making it simpler and more consistent for users.

Lawyers love apps because they are easy to use, and this user interface, which was inspired by Steve Jobs, has turned CRM into an app.

Why Law Firms Must Embrace Data & Analytics

Clients’ Demands Are Becoming More Complex

As a result of new developments in other industries, customers are increasingly placing more importance on data. The law is no exception. Clients want attorneys to provide statistics to back up their recommendations.

Legal businesses must make use of data in order to better serve their customers.

Companies require an all-encompassing perspective on clients, including relationships, billables, and future prospects. In most other businesses, data-driven decision-making is the standard, and legal has to follow suit.

Big Data Provides A More In-Depth Insight

Law firms may get a better knowledge of their customers via the use of data, giving them fresh perspectives on their short-term requirements, long-term goals, and possible stumbling blocks. Businesses that can provide their customers with data-driven insights that are both comprehensive and actionable will have a significant edge over their rivals.

Legal teams need linked data in order to provide these insights. Connected data helps break down organizational silos by providing a single, safe data hub that can be accessed from anywhere in the company. Increased cooperation across teams and practice areas may be achieved by combining information from each of the many channels.

Everything from partners and attorneys to business development will have a thorough understanding of the client’s wants and expectations.

Preparing The Future Law Lirms

In the legal field, data will not be able to replace human intellect. Companies that mix human and data intelligence, on the other hand, will be able to provide more comprehensive analysis and guidance.

Automated work will need new structures and abilities to keep up with fast advances in AI and automation, which will shift research into an AI domain under human supervision. “Global, nimble companies that break through divisions are able to provide a unique, personalized service to customers.”

Client-focused companies may be built by embracing digital transformation in law firms. Data and analytics are made accessible to legal professionals because of Salesforce. For law firms of any size or scope, Salesforce provides a platform for creating cohesive, rich experiences for their customers, regardless of their size or scope.

Digital transformation and data acceleration are key drivers of development in this sector, as artificial intelligence (AI) is used to analyse massive amounts of essential data at new speeds and scales.

Our Client 360 strategy lets law firms combine their important human skills with cutting-edge data science in order to build the personalized, proactive law offices of the future.

Provide Consumers With The Information They Need Quickly

Frequently asked questions are answered in great depth in self-service portals for customers. Step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and how-to videos may all be used to explain things. Tips, suggestions, and other agile techniques may also be included to help users better understand your product.

Customers who utilize self-service portals are more likely to be satisfied and recommend your company to others since they have easy access to all the information they need.

Consumer experiences should be tailored to each individual customer

It is possible to tailor the consumer experience via a self-service site. As soon as a consumer logs in, greet them by their first and last name. Consider keeping a record of their earlier goods or services, as well as displaying relevant experience.

With the use of data from previous issues, you can help consumers find what they’re looking for. In the future, you may be able to use the information you collect about your customers to add content to your portal that solves common problems.

It allows agents to concentrate on more important matters.

Frequently asked inquiries and concerns may be answered by customers via self-service portals. Self-service portals may help clients become better problem solvers in the future if they utilize them often. Service employees may dedicate more time to those clients who need more help when consumers can handle most of the issues themselves.

Organize a forum of interest

Include a place for authors, bloggers, and customers to exchange ideas in your self-service consumer portal. Make use of this forum to discuss goods and features, answer questions, and resolve issues. People who work in customer service outside of the company can also write blog posts or participate in forums.

Connect to social media

Employees may become engaged in the customer care process through a specialized social media feed provided by many consumer self-service websites. They share ideas and information about the company in turn. Expertise and product information may also be shared through social media feeds.

Social interactions build client connections, attract new consumers, and assist the company in getting a deeper understanding of the problems that affect them.

Immediate Results

Self-service portals enable clients to resolve their own difficulties, allowing agents to concentrate on more complex instances and allowing your firm to develop and scale service. Increasing visitors to your knowledge base will help your organization establish itself as an authoritative source of information. Because of this, your brand will get more attention and be seen as more trustworthy by current and potential customers.

Matterly Is The Best Salesforce Legal CRM

Matterly provides all of these options. An all-in-one support solution, Matterly includes mobile assistance, case management, multi-channel help, and productivity features out of the box.

To deliver a 360-degree perspective of each client, Matterly syncs with other Salesforce applications.

From the time a customer visits a company’s website or walks into a store to the time they make a purchase, businesses can make sure that each customer has a unique, one-on-one experience.

With Matterly, you can effectively manage your company’s support operations. A free 14-day trial is available so you can see for yourself how Desk can improve your customer service. For more information, contact Salesforce or request a free demo.

But That’s Not All!

We’ve merely scratched the surface of Salesforce’s potential inside Matterly. Automated email campaigns using Marketing Cloud, as well as client portals via Community, are also on the list.

As I’ve explained above, Salesforce’s new capabilities in this area are game changers, and they’ll finally convince law firms that it deserves to be their go-to CRM provider.