Matterly is the best legal CRM software for a small law firm in 2022. It doesn’t matter what sector or vertical you’re in, client relationship management is an issue for any organization or firm. Client connections are especially important for law firms, relationships can hinder on timely communication.

It takes a lot of time and money to maintain good ties with clients. Law firm CRMs come in handy here. Case management and client relationship management may be greatly improved with the help of this software and the ability to handle enormous amounts of paper paperwork.

As anybody who has worked in the field knows, it’s easy to lose sight of important information at a legal clinic or law company. Coordinating follow-ups and communications with clients also requires a lot of effort.

In fact, 26% of legal service providers don’t like following up with people who might be clients.

To avoid losing a prospective new customer, it’s important to record and follow up on all possible leads and customers.

best legal crm for small law firm

CRM software for legal firms is tailored to match their unique requirements. Law companies, like any other business, need new clients to stay in business.

Using the information in this article, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision on which law firm CRM is right for you and your business.

What Is a Law Firm CRM?

Legal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a tool to keep track of all of your client contacts and interactions.

A CRM system lets you do all of your business’s most important things automatically, like store customer information, manage employees, and keep an eye on your company’s progress.

Due to the massive amounts of data they deal with on a daily basis, it is vital for a legal firm to invest in a platform that can hold all of the data for each practice area, covering every facet of company growth.

Why Attorney CRM Software Is Necessary For Every Law Firm

CRM software has a simple purpose: to enhance your operations and establish greater customer interactions. In fact, the use of legal technology increased the productivity of 84% of law firms.

Regardless of how big or small your legal business is, you must have a CRM system in place.

There is a lot of paperwork that law firms are responsible for keeping track of, including client intake, contact information, invoice details, prior talks, and emails.

Even if you manage a tiny business, your employees may still find it difficult to keep track of everything.

As a legal firm grows, so does the demand for efficient team cooperation and effective communication with clients, as well as the use of technology to boost productivity.

Each of them may be handled by a different piece of software.


Your legal practice might benefit from using a customer relationship management system (CRM).

As a single platform, this may help you keep track of your legal team’s responsibilities, increase communication with customers, and store all of your legal papers in a secure cloud.

Your present system may be working for your law practice. Nevertheless, what about the long-term picture? Your clientele expands in tandem with the success of your law company. Here are a few advantages of using a legal CRM system.

Best Legal CRM For A Small Law Firm – Features To Look For

Matterly can help you keep track of your contacts with automation and 360-degree client views for free for the first 30 days with no credit card required.

Benefits of Using a CRM for Lawyers

First, let’s address the most obvious one first!

Improve Your Client Relationships.

Keeping your current customer’s happy while also looking for new ones is your number one goal.

best legal crm for small law firm

Structure the client intake procedure such that the paperwork isn’t burdensome or unpleasant. Using legal CRM software, you can streamline your client intake process and save it all in one place. Keep your clients up-to-date on the status of their cases with the aid of a CRM for your law practice.

It is very uncommon for legal CRM systems to have pre-built templates and forms that are specifically designed to manage these kinds of connections.

Manage Your Employees More Effectively

best legal crm for small law firm

When working with a large group of individuals on a single project, it’s critical that everyone be on the same page.

If you use CRM software for law firms, you can get a clear picture of how your team works.

It’s easy to set up tasks for your employees, group them by practice area, and get information about how well they did.

It is also possible to verify that your attorneys are not scheduled with many clients at the same time using legal CRM software. You don’t need any other app to book team or customer meetings with appointment scheduling and an in-built calendar.

Organize All Your Documents In The Cloud

There has been a movement in many legal firms toward keeping their customers’ records digitally.

If you want to go paperless in your legal practice, you’ll need a central location to keep all of your documents.

A legal firm’s CRM system will be able to store and arrange all information securely, notwithstanding the time and resources required to digitize records.

In addition, you’ll save a ton of time and money this way as well.

Analyze Your Law Firm’s Overall Performance

Law companies benefit greatly from a CRM since it allows them to keep tabs on their business’s overall performance.

With the help of legal CRM software, you can keep tabs on your firm’s progress in all facets of customer care and relationship management.

How many people have used your law firm’s services, which cases were settled, and which sources or channels are most effective at getting new clients for your law firm are all indicators.

All of this data may assist you in figuring out where you can make improvements in your case management.

To get the greatest CRM systems, you’ll need to be able to see these findings in the form of simple visuals that are easy to grasp.

Rather than spending time manually monitoring and evaluating your company’s performance, you can focus on generating new ideas for business growth instead.

How to Find the Best Legal CRM For A Small Law Firm?

CRM software for law firms must meet both the legal and commercial demands of their clients.

The correct CRM platform for your legal practice will improve your company’s value and simplify operations. It’s not worth the money if it doesn’t make your legal practice administration easier.

Investing in client relationship management CRM is all about achieving your business goals, not just its capabilities.

as a lead generation tool or as a way to manage your company’s day-to-day operations? Is your CRM mostly a repository for confidential records, or are you hoping to use it to better customer service, manage income, and improve company operations?

It’s much simpler to narrow down your CRM software options after you’ve established what’s most important to your business.

The following are some other things to keep in mind when considering the best legal CRM for a small law firm.


Using a CRM system for your legal company is all about increasing productivity and increasing profitability. If you’re a tiny business, you can’t afford to invest in a costly CRM.

The CRM’s cost should be fair and economical. Your wallet should not be left empty by this.

Vendor Reputation

Check out previous customers’ testimonials and reviews on their website. The pain spots should be identified and checked to see whether they have been addressed.

The customer service and engagement levels might also be a factor in your decision.


The importance of integration cannot be emphasized enough, even if it seems to be a feature. You’re more likely to have security flaws and vulnerabilities if your law firm CRM needs to connect to specific things.

In-built automation modules let you run your law firm’s many different practice areas without having to switch between a lot of different programs to do it.

5 Best Law Firm CRM Software

#1 Matterly

A legal company may use Matterly since it is the most adaptable.

In order for attorneys to conveniently store, update, and monitor their contact database, documents, and outstanding tasks, this all-in-one application provides a free trial CRM solution coupled with marketing automation tools. Lawyers may outsource the whole client intake and management process to the program.

The fact that Matterly is aimed at small business owners with minimal technical knowledge means that its user interface (UI) is very approachable.

Users may create their own templates using merge tags, which enables them to enter information from matters and associated Salesforce records. The “Email Service” may also be configured to send notifications from the Supreme and Civil Courts to users’ email addresses of choice.

It’s easy to set up tasks for your employees, group them by practice area, and get information about how well they did. Custom fields let you make reports that show how well your business is doing, in the way that you want to look at it.


  • 30-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • Legal specific, made by lawyers for lawyers
  • It’s easy to edit pre-designed email templates.
  • Conversion-boosting email sequences
  • Collecting leads from your website visitors by using inline and popup forms.
  • No-cost onboarding
  • All of your requirements can be met in a single location.
  • Automated processes for all business activities, as well as notifications and updates


  • It’s fairly new software

#2 HubSpot

You can standardize your workflow and automate time-consuming chores like data input using HubSpot’s free CRM solution. It is possible to build up drip campaigns and schedule follow-ups with customers.

Its main goal is to help businesses get more leads and keep them coming by automating different marketing actions.

Hubspot’s dashboard offers you a real-time picture of your complete sales funnel.


  • Email marketing, sales, and service centers are all linked together in a single system.
  • Allows law firms that have never used a CRM system before to get up and running quickly.
  • It provides active and trustworthy help from a large and engaged group of people.
  • Additionally, there are built-in analytics and reporting systems that provide insights into numerous actions.
  • Monitors client interactions across multiple platforms.


  • Not legal specific
  • Access to premium tools such as sequences and prospects requires a monthly charge.
  • The price structure isn’t flexible.

#3 Insightly

Instead of spending time on data entry, Insightly CRM frees you up to concentrate on cultivating connections.

If you want to send a lot of emails or make complicated processes easier, you can use this.

Map and better comprehend complicated customer connections by linking your current information.

With the help of business intelligence capabilities, it’s possible to generate appealing data visualizations to uncover insights relevant to your company or service objectives.

With this CRM, you can make unique brand experiences for each customer by connecting with them at the right time and with the right message.


  • Email marketing campaign sources, phone calls, emails, etc. are all tracked in a chronology.
  • Creates and implements a wide range of custom applications
  • Collects and manages any lead database
  • It also offers a customizable dashboard to keep tabs on key data.
  • Two-factor authentication and encryption of data in transit and at rest are supported.


  • Compatibility issues with third-party software
  • Unrelated to any specific law firm
  • It has a high price tag for its features.

#4 SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a cloud-based business management system.

Large legal firms may benefit from this. As the platform aims to improve both internal and external outreach, large law firms may find this useful.

The solution has a robust reporting feature that can show you a chart for up to 1,000 parameters.

This helps to design business processes that include both human and automated duties.

Claims Made in Support of

SugarCRM is a great option for law firms that need a high degree of customizability.


  • A cost-effective alternative to competing large law firm CRM systems
  • A versatile reporting system that assists in making well-informed decisions.
  • It is easy to add additional users and modules in the future.
  • A highly customizable web-based user interface
  • It is intuitive, user-friendly, and feature-rich.


  • Not legal specific
  • The learning curve is extremely steep.

#5 Keap (Infusionsoft)

Keap is an integrated CRM, marketing, and sales automation software. For example, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, and ConstantContact are among the platforms that may be easily connected.

Before it was renamed Infusionsoft, this software was used by legal firms. Automating the capture and conversion of leads is made easier by Keap’s tailored experience.

More than 1,000 apps may be integrated with Keap so that you can run your company from a single location.


  • Provides phone support and has built-in tutorials on its platform for easy training.”
  • Automate follow-up and complete more business with the help of powerful email tools.
  • Automated marketing systems with A/B testing and lead scoring capabilities have


  • The learning curve is extremely steep.
  • The user interface is a little clunky.
  • Expensive to implement for a small legal practice

So What Is The Best Legal CRM For A Small Law Firm

Matterly is the best legal CRM for a small law firm with a 30-days free trial. This CRM combines all of your legal service activities into a single system.

Legal workers and clients may collaborate with each other in a secure cloud area, and you can keep track of your connections for any new information.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to choose the correct legal CRM. If you know exactly what features you need, you can quickly sort through the alternatives we’ve provided above.

In addition, it improves team collaboration and guarantees that all of your customers get essential information on time, with little work on your side. Just because you’re signing up doesn’t mean you’re missing out on all the benefits.

It also costs a lot less than most other automation programs to add more complex features.

Contact us and we’ll set up a demo for you to learn more about how Matterly may be customized to meet the requirements of your law practice.