Legal software refers to software platforms specifically designed to address legal processes like secure contract review or eSignature. With today’s technology, it is not hard to find software devoted solely to law firms’ management. But jurisdictions are different, and some software works better in specific states. Matterly is the best legal software for New York law firms.

A vast array of legal software, including consumer applications, allows individuals to handle legal processes like parking tickets and bankruptcy on their own.

You might be wondering what the best legal software for New York law firms is. Keep reading to find out more.

Every Law Firm Is Automating In 2022

Software solutions are optimal for your law firm because they guarantee to connect your law firm with other business colleagues in areas like procurement, HR, sales, and beyond.

The optimal software solution goes further into supporting a team-oriented approach to accomplishing business goals and risk management.

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However, make sure that the legal software ensures that lines of communication stay open, so you can continue to protect the company’s assets while adapting automated solutions and AI to serve core business objectives.

Though legal software building bears the best interest of lawyers in mind, it is also important that vendors recognize that legal processes touch every team in a business.

Hence, the software must be user-friendly that even non-lawyers can use, interact with it and understand it for maximum results.

Why Your Law Firm Needs A Legal CRM

Before integrating any solution into your law firm, you must be sure of your business needs, set out problem statements for issues arising, and collaborate with stakeholders across the organization to better understand their roles.

For standard processes, you can have them outline the workflows they follow, paying careful attention to their decisions and how they complete individual tasks.

Having such details in mind, you are even picturing the sort of a must-have software to apply within your organization’s system.

But without doing the required research beforehand to identify the problem you need to solve, you are likely to spend lots of cash on implementing software that will probably fail.

The following are tips when choosing the right software for your law firm:

  • Define the problem before finding its solution
  • Make your choice for the right reasons
  • Make sure the software is user-friendly; have your users in mind when choosing the software
  • Plan for implementation right from resource budgeting right through to implementation
  • Seek advice from your panel law firms and include your team of lawyers too.
  • Research for a focused solution
  • Choose a manageable software

Legal Software Categories

Today market is filled with a plethora of legal software claiming they provide what you need. But how do you find out the best legal software to use for your legal firm? Below are some of the categories classifying legal software:

Matter Management And Legal Spending Software

Legal departments mostly use matter management and legal spending software to manage legal spending, report on legal department activities and maintain an organized legal records database.

These software capabilities include knowledge management, matter management, billing, and analytics.

Any in-house counsel in organizations of all sizes needing more visibility into and control over daily activities and C-level executives with a knack for more oversight of and accountability for legal department activities can use this software.

Matter management and legal spending software support easy and quick collaboration with outside counsel, centralizes matter information for more effective management, and provides clarity on legal spending, enhancing more informed and data-backed decisions.

eSignature Software

eSignature software creates a secure digitized signature, enabling signatories to sign documents electronically while providing an easily accessible audit trail of who signed the document and when.

eSignature software has a vast array of users, including professionals in startups to Fortune 500 companies, agreement-heavy companies like healthcare organizations, banks, insurance companies, etc., legal departments, etc.

Incorporating an eSignature software within your law firm guarantees reduced hardcopy printing and shipping costs, increased employee efficiency, and provides 24/7 signature capabilities with dashboard notifications and tracking.

eDiscovery Software

eDiscovery software initiates legal hold while ensuring the compliant and defensible metadata and records preservations. AI-powered and automated features assist users in identifying, culling, redacting, reviewing, and producing records in response to requests from external and internal subpoenas, opposing counsel, investigators, and others.

eDiscovery users might include global enterprises managing thousands of employees, law firms and legal service providers, and government agencies responding to frequent public requests.

The software ensures you incur minimal costs associated with reduced paperwork, identifies relevant data faster, and processes ever-increasing volumes of complex information.

Legal know-how and research software

Legal know-how and research software provide lawyers with research tools and information databases to help them study case laws, trial histories, statutes, and legal practice areas.

Legal know-how and research software users are lawyers in companies of all types and sizes, paralegals, and legal support staff. The software enhances significant time, and effort saving, minimizes errors during litigation, and maximizes the value of cases and legal matters.

Knowledge management software

Knowledge management software ensures that organizations centralize, capture, and share vital information assets, including images, documents, audio, and video records.

The software supports virtual and remote works, helps ensure business continuity, and significantly eases internal, external, and cross-functional collaboration.

Its users range from executives for their personal use to attorneys in startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Other software categories include:

  • Privacy, security & information governance software
  • Contract review software
  • Contract automation software
  • Legal software: buyer’s checklist, etc.

Why Matterly Is The Best Option For You As A New York Attorney

Matterly was built by New York lawyers, for New York lawyers. Making it the best legal software for New York law firms. Matterly is the premier software on the Salesforce platform, comes as the most effective legal CRM platform in the market today.

Matterly is an efficient, user-friendly law firm software that saves you lots of time when creating records and offers a platform where you can assign individuals to specific matters or tasks.

It has an ideal time tracking for users who spend on the matter and “email service” configurations.

Matterly comes equipped with entry wizards for the following types of matters litigation, general, and collections, allowing users to enter key information related to:

  • The account/client
  • The contact(s) involved
  • The corporation or other entities
  • The corporation or other entity data related to the account
  • The matter itself

Matterly’s API integration comes with Click2Mail, that handles certified and standard mail service. Sending a document in Matterly is an easy step; simply upload it to Click2Mail directly from a matter in Matterly.

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Again, the system guides you step by step, and prompts you to choose the right document, recipient’s address, letter size and document type, and all other information relevant for mailing.

Matterly Is The Best Legal Software For New York Law Firms

You can also view your tracking information and delivery status directly in your Matterly.

Some of the benefits Matterly has included:

  • Configurable document production allows users to upload their templates with merge tags.
  • NYSCEF email parsing where users can easily configure an “email service.” Users are free to set forwarding rules in their email service of choice to point to civil or supreme court alerts related to their cases/matters to this address.
  • Provide pre-made custom data types that include recovery sources, payments, invoices, matter assignments, etc.
  • User-specific assignments that easily help define who from the organization is related to the matter, hourly rate, and their role.
  • A lighting component allows its users to track the time they spend on a matter and confirm the time tracked.
  • API integration allows users to take documents associated with a matter and send them to proof for service. Matterly guides the user through an entry interface where they choose the documents and the recipient(s).

Sure enough, Matterly has mastered CRM for legal users. When you need an efficient and simple legal CRM, get Matterly on Salesforce.

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