One of the most common challenges law firms face is the time spent in administrative duties and the control of that time. As a constantly billing industry, these inefficiencies can result in serious revenue loss. These difficulties can now be corrected with modern legal technology today. Especially automated time tracking.

The Importance Of Advanced Automated Time Tracking

Legal professionals are constantly in a race against time. They always have a lot to do during the day, but not enough time to do them all. As a result, most lawyers waste their time instead of using more efficient methods like automated time tracking.

Lawyers do a lot of work on computers, so adopting modern technology practices is no longer an option but a necessity. Time tracking software can work in the background to accurately track time and improve law firm processes.

With the right legal software, law firms can improve their processes for greater productivity and potentially increased profits.

Here are some advantages of automatic time tracking for law firms:

1) Saves Time

Automatic time tracking software increases productivity by making it easy to complete time tracking tasks and giving companies the support they need to promote more profitable and efficient use of time.

Matterly legal time tracking software offers simplified time tracking to users.

Users can quickly start and stop time spent on processes with the desktop app. Even when out of the office, the Matterly app on the user’s preferred smart device allows accurate and accessible time tracking from almost anywhere in the world.

It provides customization features that allow law firms to create detailed reports and invoices for consistency and continuity.

Custom reports offer nearly as many options for time and billing data, all with custom filters and views, to get a holistic picture of the company’s operations.

Whether meeting a client out of the office, working on a petition, sending an email or going to court, Matterly automated time tracking software makes it easy to track time accurately and increase firm productivity.

2) Improved Billing Accuracy

Both individual attorneys and attorneys at large law firms often bill by the hour, but time spent on client cases does not always take into account face-to-face meetings with defined time slots or scheduled phone calls.

automated time tracking

Without clear and regular time tracking, lawyers have a hard time establishing accurate timelines. Matterly not only keeps track of attorneys’ time, but also provides transparency and a detailed bill for client and trust.

3) Accessibility and Mobility

Today is an age of mobile society. He performs duties with the lawyer in various places and meets with his clients. As such, this mobility requires greater accessibility for greater productivity.

Lawyers on the go struggle more with time management. Fortunately, time tracking software offers mobile solutions to help track time outside the company.

Lawyers no longer need to be in the office to work on matters and access client documents. Whether in the office or on the go, timekeeping apps accurately track clocks and are updated in real time in a secure, centralized cloud database.

4) Integrations With Other Services

A well-documented chronic daily loss of inventory in law firms cannot be tolerated by a well-organized business. Combined with time-saving features built into the system, such as email management, document automation, calendar and workflow tools, and investment in upgraded technology is becoming more and more fruitful for law firms.

Firms integrating Matterly are seeing a spike in billable time, thanks to the simultaneous automatic recording of activity throughout the day.

proof integration

Integrate with Proof, Click2Mail and others to find certified mail and document delivery services. So that they do the e-mail operations for you.

5) Customizable Reporting

Data is a helpful tool in the management and building of any successful business. An accurate time tracking software allows you to easily and quickly track the day-to-day activities of your law firm.

So you can better gauge what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to change to achieve your goals.

Different law firms face different challenges with efficiency and accuracy, so a one-size-fits-all approach may not work. With Matterly’s accurate reporting features, you’ll have all the control you need to steer your law firm in the right direction.

Time tracking solutions offer customizable reports to pull data and display it in simple visualizations for managers and team members to interpret.

Administrators can view almost every aspect of firm performance, including work in progress, unpaid invoices, time spent on clients, all calculated by user, client, or project.

In Conclusion

All types of industries are realizing the power of a CRM.

Don’t let your law firm fall behind in 2020.

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