Easy Matter Entry Wizard And More

Custom entry wizards have been built for the following types of Matters:

  • Collections
  • Litigation
  • General

    Users can easily enter key information related to:

    • The Account/Client
    • The Contact(s) involved
    • The Corporation or other Entity information

Effective Time Tracking – A Lightning Component

Navigate around the system time time tracker with ease. Adding extra users with exceptions in case they need to reference other information relation to a client, etc. but are reminded that they are logging time for a specific Matter if they try to save from another screen.

Based on that user’s Matter Personnel record, an hourly rate is automatically applied.
If they are not one of the Personnel on that Matter, their time log is flagged to be reviewed by an admin.


API Integrations With Proof And Click2Mail

Users can take a document associated with a Matter and send it to Proof for service.
The user is guided through an entry interface where they are prompted to choose which document(s) should be used and who the recipient is.

Users will be able to upload documents directly from a Matter to be sent to the intended recipient as either Certified or Standard mail.


Configurable Document Production Using Our DocuGen Managed Package

Users can upload their own templates with merge tags, allowing them to insert information directly from Matters and their related records in Salesforce.

Users can configure their queries, allowing them to decide what information shows up where, and define separate related tables form the same objects in Matterly. Documents are generated quickly (PDF if needed) and attached to the originating record.


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