Account Management Software Made Easy

  • Create New Accounts For Easy Client Management
  • Add Contacts To Each Account To Keep Track Of Names, Titles, And Contact Info Such As E-mail And Phone
  • Connect Any Corporate
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Firm Case Management Software Will Save You Countless Hours

Matterly is the first Legal CRM built by practitioners, for practitioners.

All of the hurdles you have faced when looking for a CRM – we’ve experienced them too.


Because we are lawyers just like you. And just like you we were looking for a legal case management software that would make our law firm more efficient.

We currently learned we were not going to find the perfect case management software for lawyers.

Because it did not exists

So we made our own – and there is no legak case management software as effective or as easy to use than Matterly.

Account Management Features

  • Create contacts that are easy to access and assign them to accounts. Even label corporate partnerships and connections.
  • Along with clients our account management software allows you to add one or more businesses to be associated with each account.
  • With Matterly it will be easy to see which account has one or multiple open matters (or past ones).

  • Accounts will give you a full overview of the company/entities, the open matters, contacts, client info, notes, tasks/assignees and everyhing else in between