Matter Creation Wizard

  • Add matters to accounts with more efficiency than ever
  • Pre-formatted for many types of law including commercial and litigation. Customizable for any law firm regardless of practice or size
  • Easy to learn, easy to master
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Law Firm Automation Starts With Easy Matter Entry

Never lose track of where your team is at with a matter ever again.

With Matterly – entering a litigation, commercial, or any other type of matter is easier than ever.

Matters can be directed to related clients or cases when they are created, or conversely, clients and cases can be created via the matter entry wizard.

Matterly makes it so easy you can even enter matters on the fly with a mobile device! All other aspects of Matterly can also be used on a mobile device.

Start 2023 on the right foot by bringing Matterly into your law firm!

Benefits Of Matter Entry And Case Management Software

  • Enter a full matter, client, and contact information all in one shot

  • Easily track the matter after it is created including following up on task progress and billed hours

  • No matter what type of law your firm practices – we can design a custom matter entry form for you and your team

  • Onboarding just got a lot easier with law firm automation – the tedious parts of tracking a matter have been replaced by an easy functional entry system

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