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Matterly Has Innovative Legal Time Tracking Tools New To The Industry 

As we constantly mention – Matterly is the first Legal CRM built by lawyers, for lawyers.

The second half of that statement is important.


Because that is really what sets Matterly apart from companies like Litify and Clio.

We have no rigid rules. No minimum anything. If a solo practitioner needs a specific customization, we’ll do it for him.

Because that is what Matterly truly stands for. Being the perfect legal software. And that requires understanding your evolving needs, and adapting our software to meet them

Why Does A Law Firm Need Automatic Time Tracking?

A law firm needs automatic time tracking for several reasons. Time tracking is essential for law firms as they typically bill clients based on hours worked. Accurate timekeeping ensures fair billing, maximizes revenue, and increases overall efficiency. Automatic time tracking can help achieve these objectives by:

  1. Reducing human error: Manual time tracking is prone to inaccuracies and mistakes. Automatic time tracking minimizes human error and ensures that all billable time is accounted for.

  2. Saving time: Automatic time tracking saves time that would otherwise be spent on manual entry, reducing administrative tasks for attorneys and staff.

  3. Enhancing productivity: With automated tracking, lawyers can focus on their core tasks without constantly having to keep an eye on the clock. This can lead to increased productivity and better client outcomes.

  4. Streamlining billing: Accurate time records are crucial for client invoicing. Automatic time tracking ensures that all billable time is correctly recorded and simplifies the billing process.

  5. Improving accountability: Automatic time tracking systems often include reporting features that can help law firms monitor staff performance, ensuring that everyone is working efficiently and effectively.

  6. Ensuring compliance: Law firms must adhere to strict ethical standards and regulations, including accurate timekeeping. Automatic time tracking can help prevent billing discrepancies and maintain compliance with these standards.

  7. Analyzing data for better decision-making: Automatic time tracking software can provide data on how time is spent, which can be useful in evaluating staff performance, assessing workload distribution, and identifying areas for improvement.

  8. Enhancing client trust: Transparent and accurate billing practices help build trust with clients. Automatic time tracking ensures that clients are only billed for the time genuinely spent on their cases.

  9. Reducing revenue leakage: When billable hours are not accurately tracked, law firms risk losing revenue. Automatic time tracking can help to capture all billable time, preventing revenue leakage.

  10. Facilitating remote work: With the rise in remote working, automatic time tracking can help law firms monitor the work hours of employees working off-site, ensuring accurate billing and maintaining productivity levels.

Current Matterly Legal Time Tracking Tools

  • Assign different billing hour amounts to different team members working on the same matter or task
  • Asssign different billing hours by task to the same member in the same matter

  • Full control and visibility of your team, their current assignments, and their billable hours and time spent working on a task

  • Ability to bill manually or automatically based on results of time tracking data

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