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Proof Integration For Nationwide Process Servers

Proof is one of the services we integrate with regarding document services. Proof is essentially the Uber or Lyft of document servicing.

Anyone who needs to serve legal documentation needs a service that can provide you not only with someone certified to serve the papers, but also confirmation that the documents were served to the correct party.

As a law firm, if you are looking to serve an individual or group outside the state, or even inside the state, finding these practices can be a time consuming process.

Proof has a database of trustworthy document servers across all jurisdictions.

With the click of a button you can be sure that Proof will not only find a trustworthy courier for your document servicing, but will also provide proof of delivery.

Proof integration is one of the many reasons Matterly will quickly save your law firm time and money.

Click2Mail Integration For Certified Mail

Sending certified mail is obviously a huge component of any law firms day-to-day tasks. With Click2Mail integrated into Matterly, certified mail is set-up and sent out with a few clicks of your mouse.

Within the legal profession, and for the foreseeable future, the industry still relies on hard paper.

Physical copies and original documents are important in the legal industry. With Click2Mail you can set up certified mail directly from your Matterly dashboard and have certified mail sent accordingly to their corresponding matters as needed.

This takes away the need from having to send someone to the post office or even wait for mail pick-up.

Click2Mail also allows you to track the delivery of your certified mail directly from the Matterly dashboard.

The use of Click2Mail is one of the many ways Matterly is helping law firms who are trying to keep things efficient and save money.

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