Process servers continuously seek methods to strengthen their competitive advantage in today’s competitive law firm needs. Nowadays, the process server software may spend less time on administrative responsibilities and more time providing superior service, thanks to Proof.

The tool simplifies, coordinates, and links all of your requirements efficiently.

What Is Proof?

Proof (available at is a legal process server that may be summoned as needed. Their web app provides rapid access to trained process servers ready to perform your time-sensitive document delivery. Proof technology provides digital evidence of the documents served nationwide.

proof integration

Why Proof?

With the help of Proof, legal assistance service providers may grow their law firm faster. The cloud-based legal management system, Proof, is the most comprehensive and user-friendly in the world. Proof is used by more than a thousand law firms to run and grow their businesses.

Build A More Successful Law Firm

All parties involved in an online transaction are able to communicate and collaborate in a safe environment using Proof. Your law firm’s business activities will run more smoothly thanks to the integrated back office functionality.

Proof also gives you access to eFiling and a network of partners that work together. This lets you compete better and grow your business further.

Achieve More In Less Time!

Proof’s order management dashboard integrates essential customer, order, and supplier information. Strong tools enable them to swiftly create and dispatch orders, enter status messages, and transmit deliverables like conformed copies and proofs of service to clients.

Your staff may also quickly generate and send orders. As a law firm owner, you may log into Proof to accept or modify orders.

Work On Your Own Terms

Set up and manage Proof to suit your needs and those of your law firm. It’s important to keep track of who has access to what, where, and what things you’re selling.

Additional features include the ability to run promotions and create custom pricing.

Learn More About Your Law Firm

See how your business is doing at any moment with easy reports that provide you information on sales and orders, as well as on commissions, expired credit cards, and so on.

Improve The Efficiency Of Your Clients’ Operations

Proof’s sign-up process and integrated customer interface let your customers register new accounts, make purchases, and manage their cases at any time. Even better, the customer interface was made from the point of view of a lawyer to make it as easy and quick to use as possible.

The transaction just got a lot easier

With Proof, you can safely manage your invoicing from start to finish thanks to its PCI compliance and easy integration with payment gateways. In addition, Proof’s money management dashboard centralizes advance check information, disbursements, and reports.

What Does Proof Do?

Your customers, your lawyers, and the courts will all benefit from Proof’s ability to move time-sensitive legal documents in a whole new manner. It employs new automation and technologies, including electronic documents, e-signatures, and automated Proofs of Service, to help you deliver legal papers quicker and more precisely.

Customers, orders, documents, assesed lawyers, invoices, invoicing, and reporting may all be handled by a single software package.

In order for you to concentrate on what you do best, Proof takes care of the day-to-day operations of your business. This and more is included in Proof:

  • Receive and send work orders
  • Easily update order statuses and send customer communications
  • Customer integrated portal
  • eSign + auto-generate Proofs of Service
  • Billing and reports
  • Organize tasks and deadlines for orders
  • eFiling and eService capability
  • Customer account sign up wizard

In order to ensure that Proof is constantly up to date with the newest standards, the software innovates relentlessly and listen fervently to their end customers such as legal support service providers, law firms, and courts.

The Benefits of Integrating Proof to Your Legal CRM

Proof is legal practice management software that is easy to use and strong enough for today’s legal service providers. Customers, orders, documents, suppliers, invoices, invoicing, and reporting may all be handled by a single software package.


Proof also offers eFiling and eService features, as well as access to a network of fulfillment partners that are all linked together in one place.

What You Will Get:

  • A legal process server with user-friendly approach for over a decade.
  • Configure users, offices, pricing, and other aspects to suit your own requirements.
  • Manage customers and lawyers as well as work orders and paperwork in one spot.\
  • Let you accept and process orders and update statuses and other information.
  • Make digital connections between members of the Proof network to make business transactions easier.
  • See your law firm’s success at a glance, thanks to the reporting and financial capabilities.

What Your Legal Clients Will Get:

  • An easy-to-use web interface that has been tested and approved by legal professionals and courts.
  • Setup accounts securely at any time of day or night without using any paper.
  • Placed orders, cases, and documents in one place.
  • View and share status updates with colleagues and asessed lawyer.
  • Get confirmed copies and proofs of service immediately from their email and account inboxes.

How to Integrate Mattery with Proof

The integration is easy. You are only a few clicks away to do it!

  1. Login to your account
  2. Find the option to integrate Proof
  3. After that, you will need to confirm the integration with Matterly by logging in to your Proof account.
  4. That’s it! Try all the feature as you want and contact Matterly support in case you have difficulties.

What Happen After Integrations?

There are several benefits after connecting legal process server with Matterly CRM. This software has the potential to completely alter the way a legal process server does business, from finding new clients to offering customer support via the app’s chat function.

Here are seven things you get after integrating Proof with Matterly:

#1 Get New Customers Easily

Legal process servers may use CRM software to locate new clients. Landing pages may be used to import data from people who discover your website and services by searching the internet. This implies that you have a constantly updating database of potential customers.

#2 Better Sales Funnel

The sales funnel tool is ideal if you have numerous employees responsible for reaching out to prospects. It lets you allocate leads to certain members of your team.

#3 Easy Tracking

If you have paid for Voice over IP services in the sales funnel or another module, you will notice an icon that may get the client on the line right away.

#4 Easier to Find Client Details

Clients, residences, and staff may all be tracked and located with the use of GPS devices. It also estimates the expense of driving.

#5 To do List Widgets

These tools will help you avoid missing a beat. You can’t afford to miss any of the numerous tiny jobs that make up this procedure.

#6 Better Financial Report

Even better, it uses a template to create invoices. Using a mobile version of the program, the bills may be paid electronically, even from a mobile phone.

You may use the app’s instant messaging/chat function to connect with other members of your team.

Legal Process Server FAQ

What is Service of Process in Legal Area?

When a person is being sued in a court of law or administrative court, they are required to be served with a copy of the summons, also known as process service. The transmission of a set or sequence of papers documenting the legal action is the method of process service.

Subpoenas, complaints, and other court papers are examples of documents used in service of process. A process server delivers these papers to the person to whom the legal action is addressed. A person who is not a party to the case must perform the act of serving the process on the other party.

In order to comply with American legal practice, each party to a lawsuit must be told if legal action is launched against them. As a part of the Due Process of Law, process serving is critical.

From state to state, process serving laws and norms of civil procedure vary. To learn more about service of process laws in your state, go to Serve-State’s Rules of Civil Procedure section.

“Substituted service” is a sort of service. Documents may be served in this way if they are left with an adult identified party dwelling at the target’s residence or with a management level employee at the target’s workplace. In some cases, you can also post something in a visible place and then send a certified postal copy.

What Is The Role Of A Process Server?

Proof’s process server in New York City distributes (serves) summons, subpoenas, writs, and other legal papers to the defendant or person named on the summons, subpoena, or writ. An Affidavit of Service, or “Proof of Service,” is prepared by the server after the papers have been delivered. The process server then signs the affidavit and gives it to the party that sought service or files it with the clerk of court.

Who Can Serve Papers?

Sheriffs or deputies and court officials served documents as part of due process when it was originally implemented. As a result of this being a burden on law enforcement, the statute was altered.

Many states now allow non-party U.S. citizens over the age of 18, who are not involved in the action, and who reside in the state where the case is to be heard, the ability to serve documents.

It’s important to remember that state regulations on service of process vary from one state to the next and may evolve. Process servers in certain states are required to have a license, while in others they must register with the county and secure a surety bond.

Can Legal Documents Be Faxed Or Mailed To Proof?

You may send your legal papers to us via email or fax. Documents with more than 20 pages are subject to a modest copy charge. Keep in mind that the original papers may be required in certain circumstances. For any service requests, you can contact Proof’s support.

Do You Know How Long It Takes to Serve Papers?

This is a question we are asked a lot! Knowing a defendant’s location isn’t enough to have them served correctly.

On average, we respond to service inquiries within three to four business days. Same-Day Service, Rush Service (usually within 12 hours of receipt), and Routine Service (first attempt within 24 hours) all have different prices based on your needs.

Where Can Defendants Be Served?

As much as we would prefer not to say it, “it depends.” When a person is accused of a crime, they are usually served at their home or office. Your documents will be delivered in line with the rules of Civil Procedure when you use Proof.

But What If The Person You’re Trying To Serve Won’t Accept Your Papers?

Service of process in New York City does not require the recipient’s actual acceptance of it. If the defendant or party refuses to accept the documents, the process server may leave them at their feet and walk away from the scene.

An effort is made to identify the person served and get a physical description of them by a process server in NYC. Affidavits are then eFiled with the clerk of court to guarantee that the service is quashed-proof.

Final Thoughts

Currently, the legal business is going through an enormous shift in technology. More and more courts are using electronic filing and case management technologies to streamline the court process.

In 2022 and beyond, law firms are embracing legal technology to automate their operations and reduce their reliance on paper filings in order to stay in compliance with the courts. Because of this, law firm and lawyers can benefit from Matterly with Proof integration.

With a 30-Day FREE Trial Matterly has, you will unlock all Matterly’s Premium service, including Proof integration. So, what are you waiting for?