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With Matterly email parsing we can configure your system (regardless of jurisdiction) to grab incoming emails, remove attachments/other information and automatically upload the relevant information to the appropriate matter.

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Why Your Law Firm Needs Matter Intake Software

Matter intake software is essential for law firms because it streamlines and automates the process of gathering and managing client and case information during the initial stages of a legal matter. Implementing such software can provide several important benefits for a law firm:

  1. Improved efficiency: Automating the matter intake process eliminates time-consuming manual data entry, allowing attorneys and staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

  2. Enhanced accuracy: Automated data collection and storage reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that case information is accurate and complete.

  3. Better organization: Matter intake software enables law firms to store and organize all client and case information in a centralized, easily accessible platform. This promotes effective information management and allows attorneys to quickly access necessary data.

  4. Consistency and standardization: The software ensures a consistent and standardized approach to client intake, which can result in improved overall client service and better outcomes for legal matters.

  5. Conflict checking: Matter intake software can help identify potential conflicts of interest more quickly and accurately, enabling law firms to address these issues before they become problematic.

  6. Enhanced security and compliance: By automating data collection and storage, matter intake software helps law firms maintain data security and comply with data protection regulations.

  7. Time and cost savings: Streamlining the matter intake process can result in significant time and cost savings, allowing law firms to allocate resources more effectively and invest in growth.

  8. Better client experience: A smooth and efficient matter intake process contributes to a positive client experience, fostering trust and loyalty, and increasing the likelihood of client retention and referrals.

  9. Data-driven decision-making: Matter intake software can provide valuable insights and analytics about client demographics, case types, and other trends, enabling law firms to make informed decisions about their business strategies.

  10. Scalability: As the law firm grows, matter intake software can easily scale to accommodate an increased number of clients and cases, ensuring that the intake process remains streamlined and efficient.

In summary, matter intake software is important for law firms because it improves efficiency, accuracy, and organization in the matter intake process, leading to better client experiences, reduced risks, and more effective resource allocation.

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A Revolutionary Feature In Law Firm Automation

As lawyers ourselves we know the downfalls attached to the tedious task of manually going through your inbox searching through court document numbers and files.

Wasting hours out of the day trying to find which document corresponds to which matter, missing emails, all of it can be avoided.


Automated email parsing for fast and accurate matter intake.

We’ll help you get set up and make sure everything is working perfectly.

Like all new Matterly users, you will be astounded at how efficient and accurate the email parsing software is.

Schedule a demo today and see how matter intake through email parsing will save your law firm countless hours every day.

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