The Perfect Legal Case Management Software For Government Offices

1. Fully Approved And Certified As A Salesforce Legal CRM

2. Easy Integration With Any E-filing system, Servers, E-mail and more

3. Fully Customizable – Work With A Matterly Expert To Build Out The Exact Legal Software Tailormade To Your Office

CRM Software For Local Government

crm software for local government

Matterly is the first legal CRM built by lawyers, for lawyers.

We know the importance of security and protocol when it comes to Government Agencies and Offices.

Whether your office is a large agency or a local government office – our experts at Matterly understand you will have very specific features and security measures implemented into your office Legal CRM.

So Why Choose Matterly For Government Case Management?

It’s simple.

No other legal CRM in the industry takes the time and energy to learn what an office needs.

And no other Legal CRM will go to the lengths that we do to create a government case management software that accomplishes everything your organization needs it to.

No matter this size of your government office schedule a demo today and see why Matterly is the perfect legal case management software for Government.

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Finally, An Efficient Salesforce Legal CRM For Government Offices

  • Fully Customizable Software To Ensure Your Government Office Has All The Features And Security Protocols It Needs

  • Salesforce Approved And Certified Legal CRM
  • Automated Email Parsing Software For Easy Legal Intake
  • Easy To Use Dashboard And Client Management Software Regardless Of The Size Of Your Organization

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A government office might need legal case management software for a variety of reasons:

  1. Case Organization: Case management software allows users to keep all information related to a case in one place. This includes legal documents, notes, emails, client information, and more.

  2. Efficiency: Such software can help streamline various processes such as calendaring, task tracking, billing, and document management, increasing the overall efficiency of the team.

  3. Collaboration: Case management software often comes with features that promote better collaboration among team members. This can be particularly useful in government offices, which often involve multiple departments or teams working on a single case.

  4. Compliance: For government offices, adhering to various regulations is a must. Case management software can help ensure that all legal processes are compliant with applicable rules and laws.

  5. Reporting: Legal case management software often includes robust reporting capabilities, allowing government offices to generate detailed reports on case progress, time spent, budgeting, etc.

  6. Security: Such software typically comes with enhanced security measures, which is crucial when handling sensitive legal information.

  7. Cost-Effective: While there’s an initial cost to acquire the software, in the long run, it can save the government money by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and reducing errors.

  8. Accessibility: Most case management software now comes with cloud-based access, meaning that authorized individuals can access case files and other necessary information from any location at any time.

  9. Reducing Errors: With automated reminders and built-in checks, the software can help reduce the errors that come from manual handling, leading to more accurate case management.

Overall, legal case management software can be a powerful tool for government offices, helping to improve efficiency, collaboration, and accuracy in the handling of legal cases.