It’s common for lawyers to see a lot of clients in a day. Structured and organized systems are necessary for legal firms to serve many clients. This is why having an attorney CRM software is essential in 2022.

Lawyers can only wow their clients, give exceptional customer service, and develop strong connections with them if they have a well-organized system. While numerous programs are available to legal firms to help them become more efficient, some don’t provide the correct answers to the issues at hand.

CRM software for attorneys may help you with this. You can collect individual client data, manage, and personalize it with the help of CRM software. Your clients’ experience, engagement, and retention will automatically improve.

What Is An Attorney CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. If you’re in the legal industry, attorney CRM software may help you better serve your customers.

It facilitates the collection of consumer data and increases the efficiency with which customers can communicate with your company. It helps attorneys simplify their operations and build excellent customer connections, leading to increased earnings in the long run.

Why Do You Need Attorney CRM Software for Your Law Firm?

#1 Better Communication

For a relationship to work, both partners must communicate well. This is true for corporate partnerships, including those between legal firms.

Your law firm’s CRM software system provides a secure client portal for you to use with your clients.

Clients may communicate with their lawyers using this online portal for confidential legal concerns or anything else. The gateway allows secure documents to be shared with clients, coworkers, or other collaborators.

attorney crm

This site has the same level of security as online banking systems, which means that all legal documents will be safe and secure when used on this site.

When your customers can contact their lawyer with the push of a button, they will appreciate the convenience. If you want them to feel like they’re a part of the case, you may communicate deadlines, reminders, and updates with them at your discretion.

Customers may wish to inquire about the status of their cases, for example, or seek legal guidance. A snail-mail-based communication method like this might be a significant difficulty, particularly if you’re dealing with many customers.

When it comes to organizing and managing your customers, CRM software will make it simpler and easier for you to communicate with them.

#2 Improve Customer Satisfaction

CRM software allows you to gather client data, enabling you to give customized solutions to your customers. You can create a better customer experience by getting to know your customers’ habits and preferences.

attorney crm

Customers will be more engaged and satisfied if they get personalized answers and better service. With delighted consumers, you’ll be able to keep them on board for as long as is feasible.

These are the features of Legal CRM that improve client satisfaction:

Scheduling and reminder features

Thanks to automatic appointment reminders, your prospects and customers will never miss a meeting with you again. You can get a profit from every billable minute.

CRM software may help keep your lawyers from being overbooked, so you don’t have to waste time sending out individual confirmations. If you don’t have the time or the inclination, you may let a CRM system take care of these responsibilities.

Automated follow-up emails, reminders about payment deadlines, and appointments for all of your firm’s lawyers can be set up.

Thanks to an integrated calendar function, your team members will never miss a meeting or a customer appointment. A lawyer’s schedule will never conflict with yours, either. Using the intake data, automatically invite customers or potential customers to meetings.

Automation of Email Marketing

There are several ways email processes might assist your legal practice. It’s much simpler to schedule these marketing efforts when all the information is in one place. Leads may be tracked and organized using a CRM.

If a lead signs up for your email newsletter or a customer signs a document, the system will be notified to begin sending out emails based on the trigger. Clients will continually keep you informed, and you may stay in continuous communication with leads.

Email marketing still has a huge influence, even though social media is a potent marketing tool for many businesses.

Prospects may be nurtured and ultimately converted most effectively through email. So, if you want to expand your legal practice, use a CRM and automate your email marketing.

An All-In-One Solution

Legal firms use several platforms and applications to accomplish the activities above. However, many of these platforms and apps are not integrated. When using a CRM, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Workflow and money are both made easier by this approach. Having all the important documents and payments in one place makes your staff more efficient. This means that customers are happier with your service.

#3 Proper Record Maintenance

Many papers and information are involved in a lawyer’s job. This is particularly true when you have a lot of documentation to go through, and it might be not easy to find the precise document you need.

Consider using CRM software to store and keep track of soft copies of documents to avoid this problem.

Here are some of the most important record maintenance features for your new law firm:

Online Documents Management

It issues custom intake forms, establishes fee agreements or contracts with e-signature, sends bills, and collects online payments through a single platform. You’ll always have a paper trail since all papers are linked to your clients’ cases.

Matter & Case Management

Automate case status updates through SMS/email, record all client conversations, and save all of your customer information in one safe location. Assign responsibilities to your support employees.

Client Portal

Customers can go to a secure site to send documents, check on their case progress, read your rules, or do other things that need to be done (all from their phone or computer).

Automated eMail and SMS

Drip campaigns make it easier for you to keep your customers and leads updated with emails. They also make it easier for you to streamline your email communication.

Time Tracking

You’ll have no trouble finding your way around the time tracking system.

Adding more users with exceptions in case they need to reference other information in regard to a customer, etc., but they are reminded that they are tracking time for a particular matter if they attempt to save from another screen.

An hourly rate is calculated automatically based on the personnel record of that user.

legal system time tracking

If they aren’t on that list, their time record is highlighted for inspection by an administrative assistant.

In addition, certain situations may be so difficult that they require the involvement of more than one attorney. As a result, the same case will be handled by some attorneys simultaneously.

If they aren’t cautious, they may wind up doing the same things repeatedly if they aren’t careful. The CRM software automatically updates the case’s progress and displays which lawyer is managing which aspect of the case, thereby avoiding the chance of effort duplication.

#4 Simplified Collaboration

Your legal firm’s workers may use CRM software to stay in touch and communicate with one another.

Because it is a cloud-based solution, you may be certain that the information contained inside is constantly current. It would be easier to decide if you didn’t have to go back and look at old or outdated information again.

Using the CRM software’s built-in collaboration options, you may also assist other employees with their tasks. When a team member has a conversation with a client, they may update the client’s record, and other members of the team can work with the most up-to-date information.

#5 Client Retention

If you have customers from all over the world, you must answer their questions as fast as possible. Law firm customers are notoriously impatient, and it’s easy to see why. After all, no one wants a legal problem to go unsolved for more than a few days.

When you cannot respond to your clients on time, they may choose to work with a different law company.

Client relationship management (CRM) software makes it possible to respond quickly to customer enquiries and requests.

Clients may contact you at any moment, and you can respond to their inquiries in real-time. This is a great way to keep your current customers around for a long time.

Legal CRM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is legal CRM so important to my firm?

Intake forms, client and lawyer appointment reminders, and job assignments are just a few ways legal CRM software may help your law firm.

This may include support personnel, attorneys, and even the firm’s owners, depending on your firm’s size and roles.

How do legal CRM systems better from spreadsheets?

It’s easy to use, maintain, and update legal CRM software since it’s designed specifically for client management. Legal CRM software includes a calendar for setting up appointments and online intake forms for sending to customers.

What can be automated and streamlined using Matterly’s legal CRM?

Every day, customer administration duties such as follow-up scheduling and data input may be automated with our CRM software for law firms.

When a prospective customer becomes a customer, what happens next?

You get a complete package for running and expanding your business with us.

legal system

As soon as a client’s information is safe, you may move it over to our legal case management system.

How much is a CRM system for a law firm?

Most legal CRM monthly fees can range from $27 – $299 a month. However, there are additional expenses for training people about CRM.

There will be basic per-user prices, which may vary greatly, and tiered plans ranging from basic to more complex ones with more configurable features are common in CRM systems.

How much it costs per user may be determined by the features you need, the amount of training necessary, and the number of users in your organization.

Basic CRM functions are included in your monthly user fee if your organization already pays for a case management system.

Of course, return on investment must also be taken into consideration. Matterly legal CRM may provide a return on investment (ROI) of more than 200% over three years.

What is the minimum size of your legal firm to use a CRM system?

Legal CRM like Matterly can support any size of a law firm. Even if you just started with your law firm, investing in legal CRM will significantly boost your productivity.

Consider the size of your company before deciding to employ a CRM system. Without a CRM system, you risk missing out on valuable opportunities or being unable to follow up on those you find important.

Is a legal CRM necessary?

Because law businesses must adhere to strict confidentiality, billing, and conflict of interest rules, a CRM system specifically created for the legal sector is the best option. There is a special need for law firms to make sure that the client data they handle is as safe and compliant with industry standards as possible.

Legal-specific software is more likely to work with other types of software used in the legal field, like matter and case management systems.

Is there a limit to legal CRM system use?

Like any new technology, using an attorney CRM software has limitations. Some attorneys must be persuaded to accept and use the technology to its fullest potential as part of this effort.

Getting the company’s management to support the technology used is essential.

As a business case, you may show how frequent usage of attorney CRM software helps attorneys become more effective and successful and helps them spot developing business trends. People are more inclined to utilize it if they understand how it will benefit them and the company.

Another advantage is the software’s simplicity of use. Passive data collection is possible in several CRMs. For example, with Matterly’s integration with Salesforce and some email systems, staff members don’t have to update contact information manually.

Final Thoughts On Attorney CRM Software

Building a solid client base and efficiently managing it is essential to increasing income in your law practice. As we’ve shown above, there are several advantages to integrating CRM software into your law practice.

Your customers might be happy with the current services you provide. However, a CRM system for your law firm can help you be more productive and make more money.

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