One of the newest Salesforce legal software on the market is MatterSuite. Case management software like MatterSuite is supposed to make it easier for your firm’s lawyers to stay on top of your cases. But do they perform as expected? Let’s find out! Does the company legit?

What Mattersuite Actually Promises As A Salesforce Legal Software

Everything You Need To Know About The Case Is All In One Place

You can keep track of everything related to the case, from the court hearings to the case description to the opposition and the legal discovery. With powerful communication tools, create new cases and work on them with your team.

The organization of a law firm’s operations has been simplified because of the availability of all the necessary resources under a single roof. The concept is convincing, but sometimes, the platform lags if you run a high-volume law firm.

Manage The Evidence You Have Easily

As a lawyer, you’ll find yourself buried in paperwork as you deal with and arrange mountains of documentation. There’s a good chance important evidence will be buried in this mess.

With MatterSuite Salesforce legal software, you can stop worrying about losing crucial papers and organize and save a large number of documents in one location.

However, document management does not run high-volume requests. Or at least, they could be better!

Improving Legal Processes

Because of their heavy workloads, attorneys often find themselves juggling many tasks at once. Manage your legal process with case management software and get better visibility into case deadlines by accurately describing the phases of the case.

MatterSuite makes your business less vulnerable to risk and protects it from the bad effects of an overwhelming lawsuit management. For this point though, Mattersuite does a good job.

Never Be Late For A Hearing Again

Lawyers are all about juggling many cases at once. As a result, time management is critical for lawyers since they charge for their time.

Log in to critical events and activities, such as hearing dates, trial dates, and task due dates, using the MatterSuite matter management software. Setting reminders in advance might help you cut down on no-shows.

Though this is good feature, it is a mainstream feature that most legal CRM already has. For me, there is nothing special about it.

What Actually Happen Behind The Scene

MatterSuite has almost no internet presence, no customer service, and an Instagram following of 4000 people with just one like per post. They seem fake and lacking in customer service.

Fake-looking profiles will be seen by even the most casual Instagram users. The only comments on a photo or video you’ve seen on Instagram are from blatant spam accounts. It completely deflates the atmosphere.

Users are more inclined to follow an account with 20,000 followers than one with 200, which is why brands and influencers alike often purchase more followers to increase their profile’s reputation.

However, no one will be fooled nowadays, and the people they’re trying to attract will turn away from their site in disgust.

It’s no surprise since the company is relatively new and, perhaps, still developing and testing its apps, integrations, and more.

Matterly – The Best MatterSuite Alternative

Matterly is the first legal software created exclusively by attorneys. A group of lawyers who were irritated by every other CRM created the software that specifically answer lawyer’s need of CRM.

There has never before been a legal software program built only by attorneys. So, with the assistance of programmers, they created their own.

Matterly is now open to the public. You can even test it for 30 darys

Listed below are a few unique characteristics of Matterly’s CRM:

  • Email Parsing via Smart Automateion
  • Matter-entry wizard.
  • In-Depth Time Recording
  • Matterly has active social media with organic followers and a substantial user base.
  • 24/7 customer service is not a hoax.

Matterly is a system for legal work management that offers an efficient platform for the timely execution of various duties from a single screen. Everything, from today’s chores to the specifics of overdue and accomplished ones, may be found in one place.

  • Manage every component of your case using task management software.
  • List all the jobs that need to be completed in one go.
  • Assign tasks a higher priority when necessary.
  • Automated alerting systems are available.
  • Collaborate with the entire team from any location.
  • One-click task assignments are available.

Legal practice management software goes beyond simple time tracking and scheduling.

In order to choose the best solution, you should look for a company that provides round-the-clock customer assistance, thorough data security management, and a user-friendly interface as well as cost-effective pricing.

How Matterly Can Help You Boost Your Law Firm’s ROI

Manage all of your litigation in a more efficient and cost-effective manner than you currently do. Isn’t it amazing to hear? That doesn’t sound right.

Lawyers have a very demanding schedule, and many of them believe that their time is money. Legal practice management software is an important part of making a law business as efficient as possible.

Tools like practice management software play a crucial part in your firm, whether we’re talking about raising billable hours, improving client service, or increasing profitability.

This program streamlines and simplifies your lawsuit in a single location.

After you’ve purchased legal practice management software, how will you use it to its full potential? Is the return on investment higher than when you were completing the task by hand?

Efficient Document Management

According to recent research, attorneys spend a significant portion of their time filling out paperwork. Keeping track of all of the firm’s documents is a major task.

The proper administration of legal documents is very essential. Open a case study, or look for information on an old customer, and you don’t want to rummage through reams of paper.

That’s where practice management software comes in; all of your papers are stored and uploaded to the cloud, so you can readily access any file or paper relating to any case from any location, no matter where you are.

If you’re a top lawyer or a solitary practitioner, you won’t have any issues since all of your papers are protected and structured in a methodical and easy-to-use manner.

The document management features of practice management software save you time and money and cut down on the number of administrative staff you need to hire.

Profitability Tracking

As we discussed earlier, many attorneys see their time as money, so it’s imperative that they use it wisely and efficiently.

You may be wondering how using practice management software might save you time on administrative activities and tasks that you would otherwise have to do by hand.

In order to handle your customers, create bills, and keep track of your paperwork, you recruit more workers.

Or you can turn to Salesforce legal software.

Salesforce legal software can simply automate all of these operations with a few mouse clicks. You’ll save money, time, and resources by using your support workers for higher-priority duties.

The more important litigation cases you give to your support staff, the more billable hours you’ll be able to make and the more money you’ll make.

Serve More Customers

Your practice time may be put to better use if you don’t have to spend it re-creating and updating paperwork and other tedious procedures that can be automated by practice management software.

It’s critical that your customers are happy because they are the lifeblood of your offline marketing efforts.

Knowing your customers well will always be beneficial, so use the time you save to automate tasks for them. Be aware of any shortcomings in your services and ask your customers for feedback on how you can make them better.

A legal firm’s success is based on the success of its clients. Having a satisfied clientele is a powerful marketing tool. Your legal firm’s objectives might be met both emotionally and financially if you improve your customer service.

Devote More Time To Marketing And Expanding Your Business

Often, lawyers fail to see the importance of marketing. Your time is saved many times when you utilize practice management software.

This means that you have more time to promote your legal company. Law firms have a limited amount of energy and time, but there are a few fundamental marketing methods that a lawyer should follow in order to grow their company and profitability.

In order to have your company’s social media pages up and running on as many of the main platforms as possible (LinkedIn among them), you should begin by creating specific pages for each site.

To begin with, you need to list your achievements, the services you offer, how to get in touch, and most importantly, some reviews. Then, you should create daily or weekly digestible content for your audience, such as short videos or infographics, about situations you want to educate them about.

Put some time and effort into promoting your law firm on online legal directories since that’s where the majority of your website’s traffic originates these days.

Easily Monitor ROI

All lawyers want to get the most out of the money they’ve invested in equipment. After implementing practice management software, it is important to monitor your legal firm’s growth pace.

When comparing the time it takes to accomplish a job manually vs. using practice management software, Matterly has provided a table of tasks and a comparative study.

Systematic Task Management With Salesforce Legal Software

Do you really have the time to deal with many applications to accomplish your daily tasks? As an attorney, it’s critical to find a way to handle all of your work without wasting any time.

If you’re a person who likes to keep things in order, task management software can be a good match for you. Additionally, it will aid in the process of prioritizing your tasks. As a result of this, your workday will be far less difficult and stressful.

Deadline Reminder

To maintain a positive brand image in the marketplace, every lawyer must ensure that all deadlines are met on time. Task management software makes it easier to set due dates for assignments and let staff know when those dates are coming up.

This may assist in guaranteeing that activities are done on time and so increase the overall efficiency of the legal practice.

Speed Up Collaboration

Instead of depending on emails and meetings to keep everyone on track, task management software is vital. It is possible to establish deadlines and monitor progress with the help of this program.

Your team will be more efficient and structured as a result of this.

It also guarantees that users concentrate more on the most important things in their daily schedule and allows them to handle administrative jobs without any stress.

Increase Productivity With Salesforce Legal Software

In order to guarantee that nothing goes through the cracks, it is important to store all project-related information in one location. Prioritizing your time and energy is easier when you know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

By delegating responsibilities and keeping tabs on their progress, you’ll have more time to devote to other essential pursuits. It’s becoming easier and easier to keep track of all the things that need to be completed.

When you have a good solution in place, your customers and users will see your task management as more professional and appealing.

Enhances Your Law Firm Credibility

Your law firm’s reputation will increase as you take on more customers and finish more jobs effectively. Word-of-mouth marketing may be quite beneficial in this regard. Furthermore, your company’s enhanced efficiency will be reflected in your company’s online reviews.

You may be able to charge more for your services if you provide better ones. If you use a task management application, it will save you time and allow you to take on additional cases rather than wasting time on one.

Save Time And Money

You may take on more cases and get more customers by using solid task management software to help you manage your workload. To help you simplify and better organize your resources, it will generate data that shows you how much time is spent on each case or customer.

Staying on top of your to-do list is much easier when you use a Salesforce legal software. There is no need to worry about forgetting crucial duties since they are all on one screen for you to see at any given time.

I guarantee you’ll never forget an important meeting again. Each assignment has a due date, and separate reminders are sent out for meetings.

Speed Up Your Law firm’s Growth Today!

For a legal company, retaining customers rather than attracting new ones is a major difficulty. Excellent customer service is a great way to achieve this goal. A task management program may assist by automating many of the administrative chores that are required to keep your organization operating smoothly.

You’ll save a lot of time this way and be able to focus on more pressing matters.

When a customer’s issue is handled in a timely and efficient manner, they are more likely to believe in your brand. Your legal firm’s will speed up whole work process. allowing you to expand more quickly.

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