Matterly Is The Most Efficient And Consumer-Friendly Law Firm Management Program Around. The software has mastered CRM for legal users. In the same league, Litify is another legal operating system and case management software, assisting law firms, corporate legal departments, and government organizations in working more efficiently.

Salesforce is one of the most well-known names in customer relationship management. Originally, though, Salesforce was not constructed with legal users in mind.

Matterly Has Changed Everything For Salesforce Legal CRM

Matterly, the very first legal software built by attorneys for lawyers, is the first legal software on the Salesforce platform to offer efficient CRM to the legal sector. Solicitors can easily manage matters, guide teams, recruit and train people, and more- thanks to Matterly’s uncomplicated, consumer-friendly interface.

Speaking of Litify, it is an all-in-one platform that enables legal experts to focus on what they do best: providing excellent legal services to your clients. It offers legal process automation with real-time business intelligence.

salesforce legal crm

Litify helps standardize how your team members work so that they may save time on repetitive chores and focus on providing the best legal outcomes for their clients.

It empowers the firm to gain real-time insight into business operations to help you meet your objectives and demonstrate effectiveness to clients, associates and stakeholders.

Matterly and Litify reviews posted by real users on leading voice-out platforms online can shed better light on the ground realities, though. Don’t forget to check them out.

Matterly Features

Matterly comes with capabilities that are specifically meant to aid in the handling of legal matters.

For instance, the Matterly panel is packed with the most relevant information regarding legal matter handlings, such as quarterly performance information, scheduled events, activities, and a VA that alerts about the things that might require urgent attention.

By standard, collections, lawsuits, and general affairs are all handled. Furthermore, various custom data kinds, such as recovery resources, matter assignment, time tracking, billing, costs, settlements, and more, are pre-loaded and usable.

Litify Features

The standardization in Litify aids proficient case management and best practice legal representation across your firm. Sustainable procedures can be built around the most critical workflows.

One can leverage Litify Matters to ensure that the team understands what is expected of them and detect complications and barriers before they become a concern. All in all, the program assures that nothing falls through the gaps.

Regardless of the counsel assigned to the case, each lawsuit is handled with the utmost precision and attention. Workflows can be tailored to require data entry, automate client conversations, or initiate approval processes.

Besides, all associated activities and communications, both external and internal, are documented until the case is resolved. It guarantees that every firm personnel stays up-to-date on the latest developments in each case and can thus deliver the greatest assistance to every client.

At face value, it may seem that both the programs are offering similar and comparable services when it comes to Salesforce legal CRM; however, litify reviews show up the anomalies and somewhat lack of quality services that are visible only at the ground level. Many users have lamented, several times, how they have to open tab after tab to get an answer.

Besides, there have been reports about the errors that would consistently (multiple times a week) happen, deleting data as a consequence.

Also, the Self customizations can often be challenging for some users, requiring them to recruit a Salesforce Administrator separately- a super costly investment! No such problems have surfaced so far with Matterly, though.

In the end, we would suggest you go through not just the features of the software but Matterly and Litify reviews as well before taking the final call.