Matterly was built by lawyers for lawyers. We have a better understanding as to what someone needs out of a legal platform. With Matterly, you can finally make use of the power of Salesforce in a manner that fits with the day-to-day practice of law.

But that’s not all! There are many things Matterly has to offer when you come on board.

How Matterly Legal CRM Benefits Your Business

A rising number of law firms in the United States are using customer relationship management (CRM) technologies. This means that today’s law firms need to gather and store information in one place so that they can stay competitive.

This includes things like how the firm grows and how it looks after its clients inside the law firm.

With a legal platform, your company may characterize and understand your potential customers in order to develop strong, long-lasting connections with them.

Legal firms benefit from having a legal platform because it allows them to project a more consistent image to their clients, which improves customer satisfaction.

People who work for these businesses need a CRM so they can focus on winning cases and practicing law, not on how to run their businesses.

Centralize Your Consumer Information

It will help you and your legal team monitor and integrate all the interactions you have with a current or future client in a simple and efficient manner.

When a law firm grows, it can no longer ignore the need for a single location that can handle all of the firm’s contacts at once.

Set A Priority to Important Tasks

When you meet a potential customer and want to make sure you follow up properly, this point is very important. CRMs may help you schedule follow-up calls and deadlines, as well as track your progress.

As a result, going online and looking at that client’s record allows you to see exactly how far along the follow-up process is. Your business will benefit from this when it expands and you find it more difficult to keep up with the rising volume of work.

Manage All Your Document All in One Place

Clients often haveso many papers, making it difficult to sort through, locate, or even share them with other team members. For example, papers may be organized in folders, shared, preserved, or readily changed with a solid CRM.

Streamlining The Marketing Process

There’s a chance that you may believe that marketing isn’t essential to your organization and that you don’t have time to devote to it since you already have a lot of other responsibilities.

If you want prospective clients to think of you first when they require a legal team and advice, you need to “create noise” about your business. You may save a lot of time by using a CRM to automate your marketing efforts. As an example, it will save you time and help you constantly contact more prospective customers.

Data Collection And Analysis Made Easy

Legal firm managers must not only enhance their everyday job and how they handle situations, but they must also ensure that leads are converted into clients and that these customers are retained.

Customer service and team actions may be analyzed and monitored using a CRM. Client and company communication may be tracked in real time.

What Do You Get After Signing Up?

legal platform

Pre-configured capabilities for managing legal concerns are included with Matterly.

There is a virtual assistant that tells you what has to be done right now on your primary Matterly dashboard, which is filled with the most critical data for legal case management.

Custom entry wizards built straight into Matterly make it simple to start new projects:

There is built-in setup for collection, litigation, and general concerns. Custom data types, such as recovery resources, matter assignment, time tracking, and invoicing, as well as costs and payments, may all be accessed.

Key data points relating to any specific issue, such as the total amount outstanding against judgments for collection purposes and total fees due, as well as receipts before judgment, may be calculated using Matterly.

In the case of collections, litigation, and general issues, it’s simple to input crucial information linked to customers and accounts, contacts, corporate and other entity information connected to an account, and specifics of the situation itself.

It should not be difficult or time-consuming to create issues. Matterly can help you save a lot of time when it comes to writing the documents you need to keep track of problems in a precise and effective way.

In any case, assigning matters is also a cinch. With the help of the software, you can quickly identify who in your company is connected to a certain issue and what their role is in the process.

Additionally, you may set a specific fee for each assignee depending on their position in the firm, such as a partner or associate, a paralegal, or another classification.

Each person’s hourly wage will increase in line with the amount of work they do on the project in the future.

DocuGen And Matterly

legal platform

With DocuGen, Matterly makes document creation simple. This is something that Litify doesn’t have!

You may create your own templates and use merge tags to import data straight from Salesforce concerns and their associated records.

When creating documents using DocuGen, you have complete control over what information appears where, as well as the option to export your produced document in either Word or PDF format. With no need to change systems or software, documents are quickly made and always linked to the original content.

Matterly Features that Makes it The Best Legal Platform

Email Parsing Possibilities

Matterly’s Email Service can parse your court-related emails from inside the app. It is possible to set up a rule that directs Supreme and Civil Court notifications from your usual email provider to Matterly and correlates them with your cases.

Matterly will try to find a relevant matter based on an index number or a caption whenever an alert is delivered from the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System to the email address you’ve chosen in your Email Service.

If a match is identified, Matterly will download and attach any email attachments to your matter in order to connect them with the relevant matter. The email index number may even be used to fill in your matter if it doesn’t already exist.

Matterly creates an email staging record and downloads all attachments if no match is found. Emails will then be sent automatically based on the record’s assignment to a topic that has already been set up.

One of the most important components of practicing law is keeping track of court proceedings. You’ll never miss an important development again with email parsing from Matterly.

Time Tracking Made Simple

Lawyers are notoriously bad at keeping track of their time. Regardless of the complexity, Matterly manages to make it painless.

Time spent on various subjects may be easily tracked with a Lightning Component. Thoughts about a certain project or task will pop up on your screen at all times when you’re using the Matterly system. Your time will automatically be saved if you certify that it is being traced to the correct subject.

Hourly rates are automatically applied to time saved from a master personnel record. In the event that someone is not on the record for a certain subject, the time is tagged for review and approval. Another huge advantage to a legal platform.

You’ll never have to worry about wasting valuable billable time again with Matterly’s error-free time tracking. When the month is out, you’ll have to pay for all the time you put in (or whatever your billing cadence is).

Integrations and APIs

Another fantastic advantage that Matterly offers is the ability to make process service simple and precise. API connectivity with Proof, a national service firm, is available for Matterly customers.

It’s as simple as picking the document in Matterly and sending it to Proof if you need to serve it.

While using this service, you are guided step-by-step, encouraging you to choose documents and recipients as you go along. In essence, you may update or cancel service, send and receive communications relevant to the service process, and control the whole process. Alerts for any changes to your service are sent to you automatically, and you may customize them to suit your needs.

Matterly has an API connection with Click2Mail for certified and ordinary mail services. To transmit a document, just drag and drop it from inside Matterly into Click2Mail.

Any legal firm’s daily operations would be incomplete without certified mail. With Matterly’s Click2Mail integration, sending certified mail is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

As long as there is a need for hard copy documents in the legal field, they’ll continue to exist.

The legal profession places a high value on having access to original documents and copies. Click2Mail integration can help you set up certified mail from your Matterly dashboard and send it to the issues that need it.

Again, you’ll be taken through the process step-by-step, selecting the correct document, letter size, and document type, as well as the recipient’s address and any other information essential for shipping the document. Matterly allows you to monitor tracking information and delivery status in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legal platform?

A legal platform acts as the “brain” of a law company, monitoring each lead and client through their journey, from how they found out about the firm to whether they’ve been followed up with since they first made contact.

In the end, its helps attorneys manage their client intake process while they concentrate on practicing law. Income at a law firm rises because more clients refer them and they get more work from the same people over and over again.

What does CRM mean?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. A legal CRM, on the other hand, is used in the legal field to keep track of a single database of prospects and clients.

What does a legal CRM do?

Legal CRM software simplifies and automates duties that would otherwise require time-consuming and error-prone manual procedures. Most lawyers spend a lot of time doing things that aren’t very interesting when they run a law office.

For lawyers, a CRM performs these chores so that they may concentrate on their clients instead of tedious tasks like data input.

People who use Matterly, a top legal CRM software on the market today, can do things like follow up with clients, send emails, set up appointments, and extract information from client intake forms more quickly and easily.

What do I need to start using Matterly Legal CRM?

Regardless of how big or small your organization is, there is a lot of work involved in keeping it going. You could spend a lot of time at work doing things that aren’t related to law, like responding to leads, following up on emails, and promoting your law firm.

Many lawyers find themselves in a position where they must choose between attending to their clients’ needs and keeping up with the demands of their firm’s daily operations.

If you don’t do a good job, your clients will be unhappy, your practice will be messy, and your money will be lost.

Following up with customers and putting their data into a legal platform removes the stress of tedious duties like creating complicated paperwork, organizing appointments and promoting your company.

As a result, you can spend more time on what really counts—your clients—thanks to Matterly’ legal CRM. In order to discover how Matterly may help you grow your practice, all you have to do is sign up for a free trial.

Final Thoughts – Legal Platform

Indeed, Matterly has been the fastest growing legal platform for legal professionals. To guarantee that customers get the best possible service, a successful legal firm must gather data from several departments and store it in a single spot.

To help with this, we’ve got Salesforce supported CRM! Salesforce CRM like Matterly provides useful tools and information for marketing, advertising, client management, and more. Grab your No Credit Card Required – Free 30 Day Trial here!