A legal Client Relationship Management software– CRM, is designed to help law firms manage business development functions such as client scheduling and follow-up, client-intake, etc. In other terms, CRM software addresses the client intake process of turning potential new clients into returning clients. This extensive 2022 legal CRM review will give you a better idea on the type of legal software you want for your law firm.

The Ultimate 2022 Legal CRM Review

Let’s focus today on legal CRM reviews and the solutions designed to address the need of the in-house counsel and legal operations teams.

Implementing the right legal CRM software, working with more efficiency, creating the right compliance structures, and capitalizing on new ways of generating value from data, is a sure bet that leads to better functional results.

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It’s Time To Adopt A Legal CRM This Year

Adopting an effective CRM fosters better relationships with your clients, nurtures and maintains the same relationship, improves client retention, and builds better bonds.

Attorneys, however, have traditionally been reluctant to invest in CRM software. Legacy CRMs have often disappointed many due to failing to meet a law firm’s unique needs, so there’s a perception that a CRM isn’t suited to a law firm.

It can be a complex and time-consuming task using a CRM, so it becomes less useful and frequently avoided.

Fortunately, with the sophistication of legal technology, some CRM tools on the market, such as Matterly, are specifically designed for the legal industry to improve relationship management efforts and business development.

Before we jump into why Matterly CRM software comes first before Clio and Litify, we need to determine why your practice needs one.

For starters, outline what your firm’s business development goals are. Since a CRM is an investment, you need to put a plan in place that ensures you and your firm have a clear direction; this way, you know what to focus on.

Creating a growth/business development action plan, and listing some goals, will help you track the results through your CRM and analyze your efforts.

Before considering a potential CRM software, ask yourself these questions:

  • Has my team grown, and do we need a better system to operate efficiently and effectively?
  • Am I spending more valuable time on client data management and spreadsheets?
  • Do I have a lot of data now that continues to get more complex and bigger?
  • Am I at the stage were focusing on my firm’s business growth is necessary?
  • If any of these questions sound relatable to you, then it may be time to make a move and invest in CRM software that counts.

Matterly, Clio, And Litify In 2022

Matterly comes pre-configured with features designed specifically to support legal matters management.

Your main Matterly dashboard is populated with important information for legal matter management that includes quarterly performance data, events, key deals, tasks, and a virtual assistant that notifies you of what items need your attention.

Default supports litigation, collection, and general matters. In addition, Matterly pre-creates custom data types available to access, including recovery resources, time tracking, expenses, matter assignment, invoicing, payments, and more.

Matterly will calculate key data points related to any given matter, including total amounts owed against judgments for collections purposes, total fees due, amounts received before judgment, and dates when certain actions can take place, to name a few.

Creating new matters in Matterly is effortless, thanks to custom entry wizards existing right in the app.

Best Legal Software For Small Law Firms

For collections, litigation, and general matters, entering key information related to accounts and clients, contacts, corporation and other entity information related to an account, and the details of the matter itself becomes easy.

Matterly calculates key data points related to any given matter, including total amounts owed against judgments for collections purposes, amounts received before judgment, total fees due, dates when certain actions can take place, etc. Creating new matters in Matterly is easy, thanks to custom entry wizards existing right in the app.

Matterly, the benefits:

  • Strengthen referral/business relationships
  • Boosts client satisfaction
  • Information is accessible and stored in a secure central place.
  • Rich data insights

Additionally, Matterly CRM software is web-based, not desktop-server-based software. Meaning you can skip the lengthy installation upgrades, avoid crashes and remotely access your key information from your phone, laptop, work computer – any device, anywhere!

Benefits Of Matterly As A Legal CRM

Find out about the benefits Matterly CRM software tool offers below:

Email parsing

Keeping track of court actions is one of the most vital aspects of law practice.

Email parsing feature lets you set up forwarding rules in your regular email service that direct Supreme and Civil court alerts to Matterly and associate them to your matters.

For instance, when an alert is sent from the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System to the email address you designated in your Email Service, Matterly attempts to locate a matching matter based on a caption or an index number.

If a match is found, Matterly automatically associates that email with the correct matter, and any email attachments, downloaded and attached to your matter in Matterly. This automation alone sets Matterly apart from the competition.

When your matter misses an index number, Matterly populates it with an index number from the email. If no match is found, Matterly creates an Email Staging record and downloads all attachments.

You then manually assign that record to an existing matter, and any future emails are automatically routed accordingly. You never have to worry about missing important developments again with email parsing from Matterly.

Time Tracking

Analyzing time tracking features is essential for a 2022 legal CRM review.

Matterly takes on the dreaded task of time tracking and converts it into an effortless, easy-to-do task with its excellent time tracking tool. The time spent on individual matters is easy to track at Matterly using a lightning component.

Navigation through the Matterly system reminds you of logging time for a specific matter, even as you move from screen to screen.

The system prompts you to confirm that your time tracks the right matter; that time is automatically saved on clicking yes.

Integration And Service Of Process

Matterly offers easy and accurate integration and service of process- API integration with Proof, nationwide service of process companies providing service in nearly all U.S jurisdictions.

Serving a document in Matterly is as easy as selecting that document in Matterly and sending it to Proof.

Matterly walks you through service step by step and prompts you to choose documents and recipients. Matterly directly manages the process, allowing you to update or cancel service as necessary while sending and receiving messages related to the service of the process.

Updates on your service are delivered to you automatically, and you can also configure the updates to your preferences.

2022 Legal CRM Review

The delivery of attorney-client relationships is evolving, and this year 2022, the accelerated shift towards relying on digital tools for networking, services, and relationship management proves to bring better results.

A Matterly CRM system, designed specifically for lawyers, will help cement and strengthen relationships your firm relies on for successful business growth, both online and offline.

If you don’t have a CRM, or your firm’s current CRM does not deliver, look at Matterly’s CRM software tool for law firm business development. You will not be disappointed.