Matterly is the best legal CRM available on Salesforce. Download a free trial today and see why so many law-firms are making the switch. 

The Best Legal CRM Built By Lawyers, For Lawyers

No one knows the shortfalls of legal software platforms more than the lawyers who use them daily. 

These constant headaches caused by platforms such as Litify and Clio were the driving force behind creating Matterly. 

At Matterly, we wanted to make a system that would be easy for lawyers to not only operate, but easy to learn as well. 

Matterly legal CRM is simplified without sacrificing a single feature found on Litify, Clio, or any other well known legal firm software. 

Efficiency Matters

Matterly was created with one goal in mind. Create the most best Legal CRM possible. 

best legal crm

With easy to use matter creation, time tracking, billing, email parsing, and account management, it won’t take long for the average law firm employee to see how much time can be saved by downloading or switching to Matterly for your law firm CRM. 

Integrations To Further Efficiency 

Beyond matter creation and billing, integration with Proof and Click2Mail will make Matterly your one stop software for all of your law firm needs. 

With Proof you can easily have documents delivered or served to any jurisdiction across the country. Acting as the “Uber” of locating document delivery services, Matterly can use Proof to link you with any delivery service and set up a delivery across the country. 

These documents will then be tracked and you will be provided with proof of delivery and a signature. 

Click2Mail makes sending certified mail an after thought. 

No more sending employees to the USPS store last minute. Or wondering if your certified mail got delivered. 

Using Click2Mail you can send and track certified mail directly through Matterly. 

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Download Matterly today and see why every other law firm is making the switch the best legal CRM available.