The digital revolution has radically changed the way businesses operate, and more are more business sectors are operating as software companies with the continuous influx of latest technologies trends that make work easier and faster. The legal industry is no different. And it starts with your law firm having a Salesforce legal CRM. 

A law firm is one such sector that has been using age-old methods to operate their internal processes along with their external interaction with the customers, with every legal matter carrying loads and loads of paperwork, tracking them at the right time, connecting them to the right customer is always a headache.

For example, knowing which case belongs to which customer at a click of a button helps lawyers respond immediately to their clients, which otherwise is impossible with the traditional route of accessing the paperwork and then making that call to the client.

Issues such as these can lead to the loss of valuable time.

Most importantly, lawyers are left with no time to develop and maintain a relationship with their customers.

This results in the loss of revenue and customer base.

So how do we fix this issue?

We fix this simple issue by introducing an efficient customer or contact relationship management system for your law firm, and adopting a CRM system helps you connect with both your clients and business contacts at all times, allowing you to increase the retention rates of your valuable customers and ultimately an increase in law firm’s revenue.

That apart a legal CRM system helps a law firm and their army of lawyers provides

  • A holistic view of your team members, their tasks, performance insights, appointment scheduling with clients, etc.
  • Analyze the law firm’s performance by keeping track of key performance metrics such as the number of clients who have hired the law firm’s service, the number of cases closed, channels that work the best to increase the client intake.
  • A good legal CRM system properly lets your law firm go paperless by digitizing all the documents and providing a central and secure database to access them.

Thomas Alsop, a research expert of the global tech industry at Statista, released a report, “Impacts of legal tech in law firms and in-house in the last year worldwide 2020,” where out of the 490 law firm respondents, 49% found more time to focus on high-level tasks rather than doing mundane repeatable tasks.

Other impacts of adopting legal technologies include savings in the budget, allowing more investments to be allotted for other technological investments and employee trainings.

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The Gartner Survey

A Gartner survey of legal leaders mentions that by 2024, the legal departments would have automated around 50% of their legal work, and by 2025 the spending of the law firms adopting legal technology will increase threefold.

According to these reports and the current pandemic situation, adopting a legal technology for customer relationship management is the best path to tread.

What better CRM platform than Salesforce to provide all the features discussed at the beginning of this blog?

Salesforce, the most popular CRM, sales, and marketing platform across all business sectors, can now be customized for law firms as Salesforce legal CRM.

There are numerous Salesforce legal CRM systems available that are built on the Salesforce Platform, but Matterly is the best consumer-friendly law firm management program built on Salesforce CRM that has mastered CRM for law firms because attorneys created it for attorneys.

Why choose the Salesforce legal CRM Matterly?

  • Since this is a one-of-a-kind platform built on the Salesforce platform by the lawyers themselves, it is above par in resolving the pain points faced by lawyers and creating valuable solutions.
  • Using Matterly, the onboarding process is faster since the platform is easy to understand and use from the word go.
  • With Matterly’s easy-to-use and straightforward design, your law firm can fully exploit the Salesforce features along with Matterly’s inbuilt integrations for legal management.

What are the features of Salesforce legal CRM Matterly?

  • It has custom entry wizards built for matters such as collections, litigations, and other general matters.
  • Any essential information related to client/accounts, corporation related to the account, or the matter itself will bring up all the relevant information since the data silos are eradicated using Salesforce legal CRM.
  • Matter Assignment, Recovery Sources, Corporations, Time Tracking, Invoices, Payments, Invoice Line Items, and many such custom data types are readily available.
  • A lightning component allows the users to track the time spent on each matter continuously.
  • Users can easily access the details of the lawyers assigned to a particular matter, along with their rates and hourly rates.
  • Documents can be easily configured by uploading templates with the merge tags. Users can enter information directly to these documents from the related records present in both Salesforce and Matterly.
  • Since Matterly is built by New York State lawyers, an efficient feature called NYSCEF Email Parsing helps New York lawyers by automatically correlating documents in the email to the matter they correspond to, thus saving them a lot of time and effort.
  • Another important feature is their API integration with Proof and Click2AMail
  • The Proof is a document server company that connects law firms with independent process servers. Using Proof, you can serve defendants in person by selecting the documents to send and the recipient to whom the documents must be sent.
  • With Click2Mail, documents can be sent directly via certified email by choosing the document to upload and the address to which it must be sent so that documents can be served directly via Matterly.

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Using a Salesforce legal CRM like Matterly that is built on the Salesforce Platform by the lawyers themselves, users can reap the full benefits of the CRM system by having an organized system that tracks every matter that comes to the law firm, most of the recurrent activities that are performed everyday can be easily automated, and the best part is Matterly can be accessed from desktop, laptop, and even a mobile interface.

Even more, it can be used with law firms of all size.

With these features, lawyers are removed from performing mundane tasks and can focus more on high-level tasks helping them better their law firms and improve their career trajectory.

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