Lawyers can use legal case management software, also known as issues management software, to conduct their practice. Law companies use these technologies as a database for past, present, and future cases and clients. This may involve document gathering for relevant case material, opposition notes, time tracking, and other case-related statistics. Knowing the technology needed to run a modern law firm are always looking to find the best legal software for small law firms.

Matterly | A legal CRM software perfect for small law firms that will see you through the complete matter lifecycle.

Here are prime reasons that make Matterly the pick of the lot.

Easily Keep Track Of Matters And Contracts

Calendars, tasks, clients, staff, issues, and events are all depicted on a personalized dashboard for the seamless management of your law practice.

Best Legal Software For Small Law Firms

With our comprehensive analytics dashboard, you can make better strategic sourcing decisions and attain better legal outcomes.

Add all your tiny legal firm’s partners to the software and watch them collaborate on cases.

Obtain legal reports on your legal proceedings and plan your workflow accordingly.

Receive Updates On The Status Of Your Case

Matterly legal practice management software for small businesses allows you to perform critical legal duties through tracking the progress on your law matters.

Learn about all aspects of litigation, including discovery, legal research, motions, and cause of action, and keep track of where your cases are in the process.

Matterly makes it easier to find and organize your matter information by using virtual sticky notes in the form of tags.

Manage all of your matter statistics, stages, practice areas, and matter statuses in one place.

Tracking Your Legal Bills To Help You Save

Accelerate your legal procedure and generate winning cases to have complete control over your legal spending.

The robust legal features in Matterly keep you in touch via scheduled communication in any form, calendar events, notes and discussions, and everything else you need to handle issues effectively.

Automate the creation of work products, legal papers, contracts, and draughts, as well as the sending of emails and reminders and the completion of mundane everyday activities.

With Matterly- the best legal software for small firms, you can keep track of practically everything.

Boost The Earnings Of Your Law Firm

Maintain your cash flow by producing winning matters with the greatest matter management tools available through Matterly.

Best Legal Software For Small Law Firms

By transferring everything to our robust litigation management software for small law firms, you can put everything on the cloud and save money on things like maintenance and other overhead costs.

With our customized client management tools, you can provide prospective clients with a variety of methods to interact with your small business.

Switching to software has always resulted in financial savings and more operational and management efficiencies for small law firms, making it a win-win situation.

Matterly Is The Best Legal Software For Small Law Firms

You’ll get superb premium assistance, industry-leading security checks, user-friendly law software, and more at no extra charge.

  • Easy To Use- The litigation management solution is simple to use and requires few inputs. The software is accessible from any location.
  • Great Support – Contact our outstanding customer service staff by email or phone for help. We are here to assist you.
  • Data Protection – With industry-leading cybersecurity techniques and protocols integrated, you can safeguard your clients’ identities and your firm’s information.

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