Matterly and Litify are the soft wares used for the same purpose and by the same firms. But on a technical and user-friendly note, they do have some discrimination which makes Matterly more effective than that Litify software.

If you’ve been looking at cloud-based business solutions, you’ve several possibilities. First and foremost, you have the correct mentality.

Cloud computing has created new opportunities for law firms of all sizes by increasing the security of sensitive information, boosting workflow efficiency, and enabling team members to generate repeatable results.

You’ve probably come across articles on cloud platforms riddled with acronyms and industry jargon when doing your study. Let’s define some of these words concisely and straightforwardly.

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But, in the end, let us assist you in understanding what to look for when determining which platform is the most excellent fit for your company’s needs.

Cloud-based systems are classified into IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Understanding the distinctions between these three services can help you narrow your search for the best option for your company.

  • IaaS [Infrastructure as a Service]: This cloud-based infrastructure provides resources to businesses via virtualized technology, allowing them to develop and control their whole digital infrastructure (servers, network, CRM platform, etc.). For enterprises that want to handle all of these components inside their ecosystem, IaaS provides freedom and control.
  • PaaS [Platform as a Service]: These organized platforms offer hardware/software tools that developers may use to create bespoke apps. Because the original developer handles security fixes and system upgrades, PaaS firms allow organizations to be innovative without starting from scratch. Salesforce is an excellent example of a PaaS.
  • SaaS [Software as a Service]: This service is delivered in software and offered to customers monthly. SaaS firms do not need development or backend administration because the parent platform handles security, compliance, and maintenance. This service allows users to concentrate on their data and everyday tasks while demanding minimum input. Litify is an example of a software-as-a-service corporation.

What to look for when analyzing an ideal law software?

When evaluating various cloud-based systems, consider the following six factors:

Security: Ensure that all customer information, case files, financial records, and internal notes are safeguarded using different security procedures. Inquire with organizations about the types of data encryption they provide if they undertake background checks on personnel, who have access to data, and may remove access under some conditions.

matterly litify

Compliance: This is closely related to security, but it is critical to ensure that a platform complies with industry compliance regulations such as HIPAA. What are you in charge of in comparison to the developer?

Support: How much technical assistance is provided, and how fast can you expect to obtain it? Do you get help via email? If you want to take a hands-off approach with your platform, the level of assistance you can get may be a significant factor in your selection.

User Experience: A new system should improve the functioning and efficiency of your legal company. What specific navigation, organization, and productivity features will enhance your team’s skills?

Updates: How frequently are updates released? If you do it once a year, your software is probably always playing catch-up. Technology is rapidly developing, and your software should follow.

Adaptations: Your legal business works with various applications and programs, yet you’re probably switching between screens and tabs to use these tools. Third-party app integration will be possible using a new cloud-based architecture, allowing you to operate through a single centralized interface.

What makes Matterly more effective than Litify?

  • The presence of all the support mentioned above, i.e., security, compliance, support, user experience, updates, adaptations, and Matterly becomes a more effective software with Time Tracking, Matter Creation Wizard, Assignment Tracking, Client Management NYSCEF Email Parsing.
  • Matterly was developed exclusively for legal firms in New York and New Jersey.
  • Pre-configured options for New York and New Jersey law firms, including pre-set connectivity with NYSCEF, will make their process smoother.
  • Many products integrate with Salesforce, but it’s a problem once the engineers get involved and try to incorporate with Litify while in Matterly you are provided API Integration With Click2Mail

FINAL WORDS – Matterly Or Litify?

When it comes to user-friendly software that also provides an effective solution to all of your problems in the first place, Matterly is more effective and helpful software.

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