Legal CRM is customer relationship management software that allows lawyers to keep track of all important information and communication history with all stakeholders. A user-friendly legal CRM enables legal firms to successfully handle essential client information and communicate with them.

In other words, a legal CRM is the “brain” of a law firm that keeps track of leads and guides clients through the process.

The ultimate goal of law firm CRM is to manage the client intake process, as well as to recruit, retain, and interact with clients, so that lawyers and attorneys may concentrate on practicing law.

A Legal CRM assists in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and increasing client referrals, which increases total income.

Matterly Is The Best Legal CRM In 2022

New Leads are Generated by Legal CRM Software

As you may be aware, the legal profession is a highly competitive field. And a user-friendly legal CRM can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Legal CRM software allows for quick and successful communication with potential clients.  Client connections, intake and case management, billing, issues management, marketing automation, and more are all aided by law firm CRM.

Matterly can then produce new casework as a result. One of the secrets to winning the race is to respond quickly and schedule appointments. You boost your chances of a continuous rise in lead flow by using legal business CRM technologies.

New Client Engagement Is Boosted by Legal CRM

Matterly facilitates remote workflows in light of COVID-19 constraints, allowing your legal firm to send matter information swiftly and efficiently.

In this approach, you can make the engagement process easier and provide the right conditions for resolving a legal issue.

Law companies may automate normal business procedures and track and win more deals by deploying legal client relationship management software, resulting in greater profitability.

The Number of Missed Client Opportunities Is Reduced with Legal CRM

Keep all of your important information in one location.

CRM for lawyers improves efficiency by streamlining contact management and relationships with potential clients, ensuring that legal matters are never forgotten.

Matterly for Legal Services Improves the Efficiency of Firm Systems

A customer relationship management system (CRM) for legal services is similar to a central repository where you can keep client and matter files.

user-friendly law firm crm

This data is available through the system. Instead of going through different databases and folders, attorneys and staff may acquire information with just one click using a single interface.

Analysis of Key Metrics

Real-time visibility of critical indicators across sales, marketing, legal operations, accounting, billing, and other tasks is provided by Matterly legal CRM platform.

After gathering this information, you can forecast casework, subject, and client profitability trends.

A Personalized Marketing Strategy is Created by our Legal CRM

Our CRM is more than just a contact management tool for law firms in some circumstances. It can also make your legal firm’s outreach more personalized.

You can construct customized marketing and email campaigns using information about your clients’ region, industry, or type of targeted legal services.

Task Management and Automated Workflows

Matterly Legal CRM makes it simple to track client or contact actions, such as when they reach a certain stage or submit an online form on the website, sign up for emails, and so on.

automated time tracking

It enables you to automate aspects of your law firm’s contact management operations and customize workflows to meet your specific business requirements.

Final Thoughts

The legal profession is currently undergoing a significant transformation. CRM is the rule, not the exception, in today’s law businesses.

Any company that does not have a CRM solution is about to fall behind. Matterly wants to help your law firm become a high performer that improves year after year.

As a user-friendly legal CRM solution provider, we can demonstrate how legal CRM can make everyday operations like as follow-up, entering client data, producing complex legal documents, organizing appointments, and so on much easier.