Individuals and law firms alike often require services that can effectively serve their legal documents to their desired persons or groups. To meet this requirement of clients, the Matterly CRM for law firms brings an interactive integration known as Proof Integration in 2022 that provides clients with a certified server and Proof of delivery that the documents were served to the right individuals.

Before diving right into the topic of how Proof can allow your firm sustained growth in the long run, let’s discuss first why CRM technology such as Matterly is essential for your firm in this competitive era.

A CRM Is A Necessity For A Law Firm

CRM technology is becoming increasingly popular in the legal industry. To remain competitive in today’s economy, law firms must compile information and have all information in a centralized source for all aspects of business growth and client management within the firm.

proof integration

A legal CRM like Matterly can assist your company in characterizing clients, identifying their needs, and making connections with them to provide them with the best and most high-level customer service.

This allows a company to present a consistent face to its customers, which improves the relationship quality.

The primary role of a CRM in the day-to-day operations of these businesses is to simplify backend efficiencies so that you can focus on winning cases and regular law practices. 

To enhance our client’s experience with the Matterly CRM solution, we came up with a thoughtful integration, ‘Proof,’ that allows law firms with more convenience with document servicing needs, so they can concentrate more on enhancing productivity.

What Is Proof Integration Of Matterly?

In terms of document services, Proof Integration is one of our services.

The Proof is a document-services version of Uber or Lyft. Anyone who needs legal documents served requires a service that can supply you with a certified server and Proof that the documents were delivered to the correct person.

proof integration

If you’re a law firm trying to assist someone or a group outside of the state or even within the state, researching these practices might be time-consuming. Proof maintains a directory of reliable document servers from all across the world.

How Proof Integration In 2022 Will Grow Your Law Firm

Obtaining and Retaining New Customers

The Proof integration assists law firms with a variety of essential functions such as new client onboarding, document servicing, and more. Law firms are more competitive than ever, and Proof can help a legal firm gain new clients and keep them.

It’s great when a law firm attracts clients, and while this can be beneficial, the legal practice can grow to the point where organizing them all becomes

The need for effectiveness in law firms

What distinguishes Proof is that it allows attorneys to control the entire document servicing process with minimal intervention. Many law firms are wondering why they need a CRM that automates processes of document servicing, and the answer is simple: efficiency.

Even a minor increase in efficiency results in significant revenue increases for law firms.

The world is rapidly moving toward robots, and this efficiency can be attributed to task automation. Leads can be engaged without the need for human intervention, thanks to automation.

Proof provides a combination of powerful features that are readily available and simple to use, making complex workflows effortless. On the other hand, an effective legal CRM integration, such as Proof, will help streamline this process.

Improved Customer Service with Proof Integration by Matterly

It is difficult to find clients for your law firm. Also, it is more challenging to provide services and systems that they are satisfied with.

This is why Proof integration is so essential in these times. It assists a law firm in better understanding and serving its clients. Thus, your law firm’s growth is always ascertained with enhanced productivity.

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