At some point, every law firm realizes they need a legal CRM. Most of the time lawyers will jump to big platforms such as Clio or Litify, both promise to be able to service law firms of any size in any jurisdiction. But Matterly is the best legal CRM for New York Lawyers. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your legal CRM was already pre-configured to work perfectly with the New York Court System? 

Once signing up with a new legal CRM many lawyers find that editing and specifying settings based on their jurisdiction is equally time consuming. 

Built By New York Lawyers, For New York Lawyers

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Matterly was created by NYS lawyers who actively practice in New York state. So as a lawyer in New York or a lawyer practicing in New York, you can be sure Matterly was created with your law firm challenges in mind specifically. 

While Matterly can be used by any law firm across the country, New York lawyers will see some extra benefits for them pre-configured. 

NYSCEF Email Parsing

NYSCEF Email Parsing is one of the biggest time saving features available on Matterly. 

A lot of a New York lawyers day is spent by either them or their team manually going through emails to find documents and attach them to the matters they correspond to. 

Matterly takes away the need for this. 

“Whenever an alert is sent from the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System, for example, to the email address you’ve designated in your Email Service, Matterly will attempt to locate a matching matter based on an index number or a caption. 

If a match is found, Matterly will automatically associate that email with the correct matter, and any email attachments are downloaded and attached to your matter in Matterly. Matterly will even populate your matter with an index number from the email if your matter is missing it.

If no match is found, Matterly will create an Email Staging record and download all attachments. You can then manually assign that record to an existing matter, and future emails will automatically routed accordingly.

Keeping track of court actions is one of the most critical aspects of practicing law. With email parsing from Matterly, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important development again.” – AboveTheLaw

Matterly Is The Best Legal CRM For New York Lawyers

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