As we have discussed before, more than ever lawyers are on the move. They have to be in multiple places all while trusting that processes at their law firm are also being taken care of. That’s where legal CRMs and legal software comes into play. But which legal CRM is the most mobile friendly?

When it comes to mirroring the CRM that you are using on your desktop, no legal CRM comes close to as being as usable on mobile than Matterly.

There is not a single feature on Matterly that can’t be accessed from your phone once you create an account.

Never again will you have to worry about time tracking and messages piling up on the office, you have the all the power in the palm of your hands with a legal CRM like Matterly.

Check out this video below to see Matterly being used live on mobile.

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Find out why Above The Law is raving about Matterly, the newest and most efficient legal CRM on Salesforce.

Built by lawyers specifically for lawyers, Matterly is the first legal software on the Salesforce platform to bring efficient CRM to the legal industry. Matterly’s simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy for lawyers to oversee matters, direct teams, onboard and train users, and more.

With Matterly in your arsenal, you can finally capitalize on the power of Salesforce in a way that works with the day-to-day practice of law.

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“Simply put, Matterly has mastered CRM for legal users. If there’s a pain point you’re experiencing, they’ve likely thought of a way to solve it. When you need simple and efficient legal CRM, you need Matterly on Salesforce.”Source

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